Friday, February 24, 2012

Newsies! We're on the Youtube now?

Dear Readers, so my Tequila week has gotten back on track, thanks of course to last night. Before I get into that, I'd like to mention that The Cinema Club is now on Youtube. Here is a link to our channel: Clicky this Link to go to the Youtube! Unfortunately, the channel is extremely boring at this moment and there aren't any videos to watch. Yet. 

Right. So I'd like to mention all the shenanigans I got into last night, as it was ever so much fun. But since this is a movie blog, I must avoid the personal anecdotes as much as possible. So I cleverly mashed Movies and Tequila Night together and created a video to share with you all. So here it is: 

The Story of my Night, Cleverly Retold via Movie Clips


Now that I'm all partied out, I'm ready to just eat popcorn, play video games, and watch movies with my brother and our two cats. What's this? I have 3 novels to read for my English class? SHHHHHHHHH!

Shush your mouth, we're on vacation.

ALSO, the Oscars are on Sunday and there isn't a hockey game that day, so I will be able to watch the awards from start to finish. 


Regulars here at the Cinema Club will be attending the Oscars on the 26th. We'll be looking out for George Clooney (as per usual) and Gary Oldman, as they are both nominated for best actor in a Leading Role. 

Furthermore, Tintin has been nominated for Original score and I am entirely disgusted that it hasn't been nominated for Animated Feature. Seriously, who was smoking enough crack to not nominate Tin-freakin'-tin for best animated feature??? Uhhhg.

Drive, which was just previously "reviewed" by the Cinema Club (psst, scroll down!) has been nominated for Sound Editing.

I'm looking forward to seeing Ryan Gosling on the red carpet. And I'm crossing my fingers that Tim Roth will decide to make an appearance. Meanwhile, I am extremely hungry and this post ends now.        

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