Friday, February 3, 2012

Day 2 - Your Least Favorite Film

I already managed to miss a day in this 30 day challenge. As a University Student, I am unable to make a daily commitment. Today's topic is "Least Favorite Film." Now, I recently published the post of movie hate, which expresses my disgust for a number of different movies. But I still can't quite seem to think of a movie that takes the cake as the movie I hate the most.

I had to photoshop this $#*% myself, since I couldn't find a gif of someone running with cake.

Right. So a least favorite movie. Hum. I really can't think of one. I suppose I really hate that movie Reign of Fire, but I already went on and on about that one in the Post of Movie Hate. My Brother hates the movie Thelma and Louise with a sort of passion I didn't know he was capable of. But what do I hate?  What movie do I want to Kill With Fire? 

[FYI I've been pondering this matter for a gross amount of time] 

In the meantime, the scroll wheel on my computer mouse is broken which pisses me off. I fell asleep at the kitchen table today, and texted my dad to tell him I want a Koala (I've been asking for one since Christmas).

Now you want a freakin' pet Koala too. :)

I realize that I may never have a pet Koala (Canada is too cold for Koalas). I also realize that I may never come to a conclusion about my least favorite film. What I do know is that one day I may have a pet Duck. And instead of thinking of a least favorite movie, I can think of a movie scene that I hate with every fiber of my being. 
Every Thursday I have a 4 hour long film class. Yesterday we were watching clips from different movies, and the Prof thought it would be good to share a particular scene from the Godfather...

This particular scene did not sit well with me....

The scene he chose to show was where some guy wakes up in his bed, which happens to be filled with blood. He checks under his sheets, and by his feet is his favorite horse's head.

As a horse lover, I had a big problem with this scene.

I didn't do too well at the sight of a real dead horse's head in some guy's bed.
Omg that rhymes.

My face looked a bit like this.

And here is the clip, in case you're feeling morbid:
Meanwhile, I cry like a little bitch.

So I have decided that I will never wrong the Godfather, to make sure my horse's head stays where it belongs. I love my horsie. :)
So there you have it, folks. Not my least favorite film, but my least favorite scene. ~Tada!~

My Boy

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