Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sexy Saturday: Kevin Zegers

Prepare yourself for your newest Celebrity crush, because The Cinema Club is proudly about to introduce the 4th weekly Sexy Saturday...

Kevin Zegers!
Kevin Joseph Zegers, born September 19th 1984, is The Cinema Club's very first CANADIAN Sexy Saturday!!! 

Oh HOT DAMN Canada!!!

Kevin, 26, was born in Woodstock, Ontario, but currently resides in Toronto. If you're sitting here thinking "Hmmm, that Kevin Zegers is looking a bit familiar..." It's because he is Zac Efron's (Hotter) Evil Twin. 

I know.
 And I say Evil because Zegers' level of Bad-Assity is leagues above the High School Musical star's. 

Kevin has been performing since he was 6 years old. He has stared in a multitude of commercials, then got his first starring role as Josh Framm in Airbud (1998). His more recent films include his role as Terry the mall cop security guard in Dawn Of The Dead (2004), As Super Babe: Dan Walker in Frozen (2010), and a number of movies that I haven't seen, including Fifty Dead Men Walking, Transamerica, and the Hit TV Show Gossip Girl

I believe there is a Zombie Infestation taking place.

Although, it just occurred to me now that he was also in some majorly Under the Radar Film called Virginia's Run (2002), which was given to me as a gift many years ago. As an Equestrian...
... I can really appreciate a dude who can ride a horse. And believe you me, as I was typing this entry and I suddenly remembered that Kevin Zegers is really good on a horse, he just became a thousand times sexier. Like that was even possible. 

 (We're going to ignore the fact that Ziggy played a complete snob in this film. Moving on now...)

One word: ADORABLE.

 Ziggy is 5'9, weighing about 145 pounds, with smokin' hot blue eyes. And, according to an extremely sketchy source, his favorite movie is Good Will Hunting, which I previously stated I disliked [link].  We are going to disregard this source though, because they got the basic stats wrong... I'm sorry, but Zegers was not born in Maryland, and he is not 5'6 tall.

According to IMDB, Zegers will be playing Clyde in The Story of Bonnie and Clyde (which is currently in Pre-production).  

...I'll be the Bonnie to your Clyde...

Aside from Airbud and Virginia's Run, I first saw Zegers in Dawn Of The Dead, but it wasn't until I saw him in Frozen that I realized... Hey... this guy is really hot... I of course instantly latched onto his Character, Dan Walker, which is a really dumb thing to do in Horror Movies. Because the hot, courageous guys always die. ALWAYS. So I wept like a child and vowed to make him a Sexy Saturday. (You can find his Character, Dan Walker, on my List of Cutest Movie Charactershere).

I'm kind of in love with your character.
Hi, My name is Kevin Zegers. I'm gorgeous, charming, funny, and CANADIAN.
Ziggy here isn't just an actor. He is, quite obviously, a model aswell. He is extremely fit (well duh) and is often cast as an athlete in movies. Apparently he was very active in high school, playing lots of sports. Kevin Zegers + Hockey = A very happy El Capitain!!! 

Speaking of Hockey, I have come to the inevitable conclusion that Kevin Zegers alone is cuter than this picture of Ryan Kesler holding perhaps the most adorable baby on the planet:

And THAT is pretty hard to beat.

I wonder what his favorite Hockey Team is.... (He's probably a Leafer. But I can forgive him.)
I'll do you all a favor and refrain from drifting off into Hockey La-la land, and keep with the program here. So where were we? Ah, yes. Kevin Zegers. Model. Right. 
He's so attractive and charming!!!
God smiled upon this one.
Although I can't find a list of Charities for this talented actor, I do know that he attended the World Charity Film Premiere for the movie Its a Boy Girl thing (2006). 

You can never have too many pictures of Kevin Zegers!

Normally this hairstyle would be advised against. But Zegers pulls it off.

 But in all, absolute seriousness, girly "OMAGAD HES SO HOT" aside, judging by the type of characters he plays, the fact that he's always smiling, etc, Kevin Zegers seems like a nice fellow, who has a good head on his shoulders. Unlike our Very First Sexy Saturday: Uncle Rusty, Ziggy hasn't been arrested, nor has he been involved in any major scandals. I like the fact that he's sports oriented (Team Players are the best). I would very much like to go skiing with him sometime ;)  

El Capitain OUT! 

I just shared with you possibly the hottest picture in the world. 
You're welcome.


  1. he's been my crush since 2002. When I was just 13 years old... Whoahhhh!!!!! and until now he is still my biggest crush! ***handsome-hot-everything***