Saturday, January 7, 2012


My family spends Christmas in the mountains, in an awesome little city where skiing reigns supreme. The night before Christmas Eve, my father, my brother, my aunt and I walked up main street to the town's only cinema, to go see Tintin. Now I'd like to introduce to you, my dear audience, a little part of my family. My Father's half of the family is French Canadian. My Dad grew up in Montreal, Quebec, where he learned to speak both English and French. As a child, my father was super into comic books. His reading of choice? 


My father could recite the original Hergé comics by heart, and he's kept them all his life. We have a bookshelf full of French Tintin comics (all in French) in the basement. And let me tell you, they're awesome!   

So let's take a little trip in the Way-Back machine, to April 3 2011 when I did the Jamie Bell Sexy Saturday. In this post I expressed my absolute delight on the subject of Jamie Bell being Tintin. Sure, Jamie Bell is British and Tintin is from Belgium, but hey... it's pretty cool. 

 Now.... my inner Frenchie is screaming and clawing and begging to be let out... I shall allow it just this once: 




Tintin is not Pronounced the way they say it in the film. That's just so.... English.... This is how his name is properly pronounced:

I haven't felt this French since I did that thing in that room with that guy half a year ago...

bad joke alert.

And this is why I must keep my inner Frenchie under wraps.

I would really like to mention that the animation in Tintin: The Secret Of The Unicorn was absolutely gorgeous. A couple of times I forgot that I was watching an animated movie. 

Well done, animation people. Well done.
The animation was stellar, and the the movie was an absolute joy to watch. It was a super fantastic adventure story, and I loved every bit of it. Though the movie did seem to drag out just a little bit at the end. But I could have been feeling this way because my Beloveds (AKA my favorite Hockey Team) was playing a game that night, and every time I tried to check the score on my cellular device, my aunt would elbow me and hiss "Stop it! That's annoying!"  

Aside from the fact that the story in the movie was changed from the original in the comic a bit, the movie was so true to the characters! The likeness was superb and I was thoroughly impressed.  

HEY, speaking of my Hockey Team, they'll be playing a game shortly and I must watch. With that, I put this post to a close. All I have to say is this: 

Tintin is awesome, and if you love adventure stories, you must watch. 

Oh right, PS: Simon Pegg and Nic Frost 

Yes, these guys.

Were in the movie aswell. Along with Daniel Craig and Andy Serkis. So I guess you can say Billy Elliot, two Overly enthusiastic British cops, James Bond, and Gollum all joined up and brought you an amazing movie.

Now, I really must go. My Beloveds need me (at this point in their basement dwelling I may or may not be their last remaining fan).
El Capitain OUT! 

I see this and I think blowjob.

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