Saturday, February 18, 2012

Newsies/ I'll be going MIA for a while.

My dearest Readers, 
I must inform you that over the next week you will likely not be hearing from me. Because it's reading break, which means myself and all the other Canadian University Students run free, drinking alcohol and dancing on tables. 90% of us Students will look like this throughout the week: 

Thanks of course to Tequila.

Before I abandon you all, I'd like to make a quick Newsies post. We have important things to catch up on, of course. 

1.) My favorite Hockey team has actually been doing quite well and whenever a game is on I look like this: 


2.) Tim Roth informed us via Twitter that he has been nominated for an Academy Award. Meanwhile, all Tim Roth fans weep from happiness and start saving up for fancy champagne to drink when he wins. Way to go, Rothy!

3.) So last Thursday I mentioned that horrendous answer I put on my film test. For those of you who have not read that post, I recommend you educate yourselves. Here is a Link for your Convenience. For those of you who did read the post, you are well aware of the idiotic things I wrote. Well guess what, folks? Today I got the test back. And I didn't die/ get expelled/ fail. I wrote: 

"These questions make me want to rip my hair out of my own head. Or gauge my eyes out with a plastic spoon. etc." 

and my TA wrote me a note back. Saying something along these lines: 

"I am very sorry to hear that. I understand the first question was difficult. Anyways, I'm sure you'll do better next time."

It's because I'm cute.

 Well, then. That went better than expected! Thank you, Mr. TA for saving my buns from almost certain doom. I like you.

Now, it's a bagillion hours past my bedtime and I need to catch up on sleep before Tequila Week Reading Break. I hope you all you Canadian University peeps have an enjoyable break, and I hope all the rest of you have a good week. May muffins and smoothies be in your future. 


How I expect my reading break to go: 

Step 1: Tequila: 

 Step 2: Dancing

(exactly like this).

Step 3: More tequila. 

Step 4: Thinking I'm all fly like this: 

Though I'm actually like this:

Step 5: More tequila 

Step 9: Do something stupid that will likely result in injury

And Repeat. 
Yeah Buddy!

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