Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The 10 Cutest Movie Characters

Today, I was driving out to see my horse, when I passed a field full of cows. To my surprise, I saw a cow laying down near the fence. And you wouldn't believe what I saw... two little calf legs sticking out her back end! 
I looked a bit like this: 

I am witnessing the miracle of birth... in cow form...
I drove past the same field while returning from my horse, and there, laying in the field, was a brand new little cow!!! It was so cute, all wet with a pink little nose. 

The one I saw was wetter with a pink nose.
 Little Calf was just trying to stand for the first time, and I just couldn't believe my luck! It was SO cute!!! I would have stuck around longer and taken pictures, but Mama Cow scraped the ground like a bull and looked like she wanted to charge my car. 

So there I was, unaware of what movie to review, when I figured: hey... what I saw today was pretty cute. I am in the mood for even more cuteness. So why not create a list of the top 10 cutest movie characters ever!? Great idea, I know. So here we go... 

The Top 10 Cutest Movie Characters Ever:  
PS: I couldn't quite settle on what kind of "cute" I was talking about. Man cute? Animal Cute? Both? Neither? I wasn't too sure. So I'm mixing it up a little. Enjoy. 

10. Fizzgig

If it was less creepy looking it would be higher up on the cute scale.

From: The Dark Crystal (1982)
Why: As a little girl, have you ever tried brushing the fur of a stuffed animal? The result is always a lump of synthetic horse-tail fluff that collects on the floor and rolls into a corner, remaining for the next five months and slowly accumulating cat-hair and dryer lint. It will eventually roll under a bed and reign as the supreme dust bunny of your house.This is Fizzgig. Only with teeth. I like the fact that Fizzgig throws little temper tantrums and flails his little paws around. He definitely reminds me of an ugly little cross-bred slipper dog that Old Aunt Hattie might allow to sit on her floral chesterfield.  

9. Agnes

Does this count as annoying???

From: Despicable Me (2010)
Why: Agnes is clueless and adorable. She has this super gung-ho attitude and she is in love with Unicorns. With that Water-fountain hairstyle, I don't think she could possibly get any cuter. I think she would make a fantastic sister-pet.

8. Bibo The Armadillo

From: Road To El Dorado (2000)
Why: I don't even think I can put into words why this little guy is cute. Shyly peeking through his shell-thing, timidly peering around corners... he's just so... cute.

7. Shaun

Say: "Zombie!"

From: Shaun Of The Dead (2004)
Why: Poor Shaun is a bit depressed. His girlfriend dumped him, he's bored at his job, he hates his step-dad, and the zombie apocalypse is happening right outside his house. Shaun is so cute because, well, he's played by Simon Pegg. And also because he has this uncontrollable desire to go save his mum and his girlfriend, despite the fact that the chances of him getting turned into zombie-chow in the process are mega high. And as we know, protective men = cute. (PS: Also loved him as Scotty in Star Trek!)

6. Trevor McKinney

From: Pay It Forward (2000)
Why: Haley Joel Osment has mastered being a cute little kid. Seriously. And he doesn't fail to be adorable in Pay It Forward. Trevor McKinney is this enthusiastic, determined, rambunctious little boy that seems to be mature for his age, yet still holding onto his childhood innocence. He loves his mom to death, and wants nothing more than to change the world around him, for the better. How could such a generous and determined little boy not make it onto the cute list??? 

5. Jawas

I don't think I want to see them without their hoods.

From: Star Wars
Why: JUST LOOK AT THEM! All adorable in their little cloaks, and mysterious and greedy! Awww...! I especially love the little sounds they make! Such as "Ooteedee!" Though some beg to differ that the correct spelling of the Jawas' preferred phrase is actually "Utinni". If you don't know what a Jawa is, and are unaware of the sounds they make, I recommend that you first slap yourself for your ignorance, then promptly rent a copy of Star Wars: A New Hope and educate yourself.   

4. Irwin Wade
He's the cute one on the right.

From: Saving Private Ryan (1998)
Why: Giovanni Ribisi as this troubled young Field Medic was a brilliant idea. Kudos, Casting Crew. Kudos. Not only is T-4 Irwin Wade compassionate and sweet, he also packs a lot of heart into the film. He stands up for what's right, and never fails to do the right thing. During his big heart-breaker scene, one couldn't help but think: Damn, that's one cute dude. So then we all cry for Wade and spend the rest of the movie in festering hatred. Or maybe that was just me.  

3. Dan Walker

From: Frozen (2010)
Why: I am a math student. So I know that: [Hot guy (blue eyes)] + protective instincts + girlfriend  x Dangerous situation / death scene + 26(nice body + athletic skills) - dumb decision x heart of gold + 2(good intentions) = CUTE. It really is just simple math. If you combine an absolutely adorable back story about him being a chubby kid that cried when his mom left him at school on the first Day of Grade 1, then you have yourself one hell of an adorable character.  

 2. Tiny The Dinosaur

...I'm not sure how well this plan was thought out...
From: Meet The Robinsons (2007)
Why: Possibly the cutest dinosaur EVAR!? With that little bowler hat on, and that adorable voice? I think so. Every time my dad and I see this scene, we both laugh and repeat his line for days afterward. Epic YES. 


1. Forrest Gump


 From: Forrest Gump (1994)
Why: Now, now, take it easy. I'm not saying I think Tom Hanks is cute in the same way Kevin Zegers is cute, not by a long shot. What I am saying is that Forrest Gump is simply adorable. How can you not like Forrest? It's nearly impossible! I mean, this guy just doesn't do anything wrong. He is always honest, and pure of heart. He is innocent and sweet, and he loves Jenny with all his heart. He protects her, and I just don't think it gets any more adorable than that. He just does his thing, being generous and honest to everyone he meets. He's really enthusiastic ("LIEUTENANT DAN!!!") and gives everything he does his full effort. 


Well I hope you agreed with my list of cute characters. Anyone you would have added? Someone you disagreed with? Let me know! 
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El Capitain OUT!

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