Sunday, February 12, 2012

Day 6 - A Film That Reminds You of Somewhere

So I suppose we should get back to the 30 day challenge, yes? Alright. Well today's topic is "A film that reminds you of somewhere". The only movie that comes to mind is Under The Tuscan Sun. I happen to be a little bit of a globe trotter, and a number of summers ago I spent a week in Italy. I swear, I was the only Canadian Puck Bunny in all of Tuscany.

Self-taken portrait, Italy 2008
Me enjoying the Tuscan gardens, Italy 2008

Me showing off my bum, Italy 2008

Right. So Under The Tuscan Sun is a beautiful movie starring Diane Lane as Frances, a recently divorced writer that takes off to Italy on a spontaneous trip that turns out to be a life changing experience. This movie is quirky, charming, and absolutely beautiful. A few places featured in the film are actually places I visited myself when I was in Italy. Example: San Gimignano. 

I highly recommend this movie. Although it is a bit "chick flick-y", it is a very enjoyable film. It is esthetically pleasing, and the characters are lovable and realistic.

I think everyone should do themselves a favor and watch this movie. In my humble opinion, it never gets old and its just as beautiful each time I watch it. It reminds me vividly of Italy, and while watching this film I swear you can almost feel the warm Italian sun on your face. 

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