Thursday, April 21, 2011

I really should be studying/ A Sexy Kevin Zegers Adventure/ Lets talk about Ponies

I really should be studying right now.

And that of course means that my creativity levels peak, and my natural ability to be a fierce procrastinator is taking hold. If I spent half as much time doing math as I did thinking about movies, I think I would be amazing. But I've been a good girl today, and I've been doing math for the past 3.5 hours straight. So I think now between scribbling down notes on functions and graphs, I'm going to drabble on about a movie that I watched last night. A Kevin Zegers movie ;) 

√x = Kevin Zegers on a horse
Last night my cat joined me to watch a movie called Virginia's Run (2002), Directed by Peter Markle. Virginia's Run is about a girl named Virginia, who is the daughter of a widowed Lobsterman, Lobster Fisher, Lobster Catcher, Lobster fisherman (what do you even call a guy who catches Lobsters...???). Virginia loves horses, but since her mother died in a horseback riding accident, her father has forbidden her of riding. Virginia's older sister Caroline wants nothing to do with horses, and (unfortunately) is dating the local Rich Guy- Blake Raines'- son, Darrow (played by The Cinema Club's new fantasy man, Kevin Zegers). Miss Virginia disobeys her father's wishes, and raises her deceased mom's deceased horse's foal, Stormie, behind her Father's back.
Please don't take my horsey away!!!!
Virginia's Run takes place in Nova Scotia, Canada, and features a cast of (mostly) Canadian actors. 
5 Years ago, I had the chance to go riding in Nova Scotia, and believe you me, it was an amazing experience. Unfortunately, instead of galloping full tilt up the beach like they did in the film...

I would give almost anything for the chance to race Kevin Zegers up the beach on horseback. Srsly.
...I thought it would be more fun to steer my horse directly into the ocean. To see how deep we could get. It was shameful. In my defense there wasn't enough stretch of beach to gallop down, and the sand was a lot deeper and looser. ANYWAYS... 

You know those movies that are just so bad, so terribly cheesy and poorly acted and pathetic and awful and you know you shouldn't like them... but secretly deep down inside they're your guilty pleasure and you kind of really like them? Well folks, that's how I feel about Virginia's Run.

Every little girl's equestrian fantasy.
I've been a horse lover for many many many many years. I was one of those spindly legged children, wearing her hair in pigtails with her feet constantly jammed into worn in riding boots, reading any Pony Club book she could get her hands on. I doodled horses in my text books, and all I could ever think about was one day owning a horse of my own. So naturally, because of this pony oriented background, I have a secret guilty pleasure for cheesy horse movies about little girls over coming all obstacles with her dream horse.

So you can imagine, now that I've grown up, how excited I was to see not only a movie about a little girl and a pretty horsey, but also... KEVIN FREAKIN' ZEGERS.

Best. Idea. EVAR. But of course there's a catch. There's always a catch. Just Kevin Zegers on a horse is too good to be true. His character, Darrow Raines, was a sniveling, ill-tempered, pathetic brat. 

I tried to be good about it... I would first ignore his embarrassing faux-pas, then I would make excuses for them, then I would try to ignore them again, but eventually I was just shaking my head in dismay. 
Reminding a kid her mum is dead... Not Cool.
Kicking a little girl off her horse... Really Not Cool.
Driving a PT Cruiser... Unforgivable.
It really was unfortunate. But all was forgiven when he came onscreen in a cowboy hat and galloped his horse like a regular pro. I found that attractive. Obviously. 

Well hello, there...

I will admit, though, that I was very amused by this movie. I've always thought that Endurance Racing would be a helluva lot of fun, and I added it to my horsey bucket list. 

[X] Jumping 4+ feet
[X] Barrel Racing (and every other Gymkhana event)
[X] Roping Cows 
[X] Dressage 
[ ] Outriding 
[ ] Endurance Riding 
[X] Near Suicide via Horse Galloping 
[X] Near Suicide via Horse Galloping Bareback 

As you can see I still have a couple blanks. 

Taking a brief intermission to enthusiastically return to studying.

Aaand I'm Done! (For now).

So anyways, back to Virginia's run. I found it to be an enjoyable, well done little film. Sure, it was cheesy, but frankly, I liked it. Though I didn't Mega-assimilate with any of the characters, I found that Virginia and I were slightly similar, in our passion for riding and our love for our horses. 

Though I wouldn't go around recommending this film, I don't have many bad things to say about it, either. If you're a horse lover, and find joy in cheesy tales of little girls and their ponies, I'd say it's worth your while. Also, if you've decided that you're a hard-core Kevin Zegers fan now (thanks for course to the Cinema Club's Ziggy Feature on Sexy Saturday), you should also check out this flick. Because seriously guys, Kevin Zegers makes a pretty cute cowboy. ;) 
I love.
Time to return to my studies. Which means I shall neglect my family, friends, cats, the food groups, and my beloved horse until this exam has been written.  

El Capitain OUT!


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