Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sexy Saturday: Jamie Bell

Hello and welcome to the Cinema Club's 2nd Sexy Saturday (which I happen to be bringing to you on a Sunday... my apologies). The Actor that wins the crown this week is... 
Jamie Bell!
Well hello there...
 British actor Jamie Bell was born in Bellingham on March 14th 1986 (Sorry we missed your Birthday, Jamie!). You may recognize this talented young man from Billy Elliot (2000), or my personal favorite King Kong (2005). He was in other numbers such as Jumper, Defiance, Halem Foe, and many more!
Hot Damn, boy!
There's something about Jamie that's so That-Hot-guy-that's-been-living-next-door-for-five-years -esque. But with a bit of a bad-boy twist. Someone who could pass as Cool Uncle Russel's son/nephew/some relation that we don't know and won't ask about.

Uncle Rusty asked me to water the plants but I'm going through a rebellious stage, so I'm putting my foot down by purposely being a prick and watering the deck instead! 

 He's incredibly attractive (thus the Sexy Saturday nomination...) and he's so talented. He seems, more or less, like the perfect boyfriend.

Best Grad date EVAR.
He just seems like such a cool dude. Like he'd be so much fun to hang out with! He seems to have a good attitude, and I figure not only would be make the coolest BFF ever, but he'd also be a cute and cheeky boyfriend... 
From super-cute BFF...
...To Smokin' hot BF.
Talk about Multi-tasking.

So what Jamie movies should we be getting excited for? Uhm, how about The Eagle!?!? Jamie Bell stars alongside Channing Tatum in this action packed film (that I have yet to see...).

I sense epic Bromance. 8)
 Although The Eagle looks just AWESOME, I'm personally more excited for... [drumroll]... The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn. That's right! I just love the Classic French Tintin comics. Whoever thought of Casting Jamie Bell as the voice of Tintin is just brilliant. 

I love this. A little too much.
I believe this is the best idea since microwavable chocolate cake.

So congratulations, Jamie Bell! You have been crowned as this week's Sexy Saturday winner! xoxo ;) 

PS: You're invited to that BBQ with Uncle Rusty. Bring Whipped Cream. ;)

El Capitain OUT!

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  1. i love this and i am absolutly in love with him <3333333333333 his ears are dead cute lol xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx MWAHAHAHAH