Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Day 9 - A Film With Your Favorite Actor (Male)

Ah, this is the perfect topic to be covering the day after Valentine's Day! A movie with my favorite actor... isn't that lovely! I'm really excited to do this post because I happen to love the movie we're going to be talking about. But before we get into that, I feel the need to express how weird the ads on my blog are. I was checking things out, making sure it was all looking good, when the ad that Google decided to match me up with was a dating site for cougars.
Ummm.... just a few years ago I was still Jail Bait. So I just smile and nod. 

Yeah, mhm, thanks Google. Thanks a bunch.

Right, so the movie we're going to talk about today is King Kong (2005), because it happens to have my favorite actor in it. Now, if you're a regular reader of this blog you'll know that I love to sing Tim Roth's praises. And yes, although I love him to bits and pieces, my favorite actor is actually Thomas Kretschmann

So, I'm not really much of a hipster. At all. But when it comes to Thomas Kretschmann, I'm like, the original hipster. 

 I liked Thomas Kretschmann before Thomas Kretschmann was cool. 

See? The Canadian Puck Bunny has a hipster side.

As a matter of fact, I liked Thomas Kretschmann before any of you non-Europeans knew he even existed. I'm pretty much the Thomas Kretschmann pioneer, celebrating his German hotness before he was in any big American movies. 

Over half a decade of Kretschmann Love.
This should be my slogan.

So, although I love Thomas in all his foreign films (he looks ridiculously delicious in his Nazi Uniforms) and appreciate that he's bilingual, I especially love the Character he plays in King Kong. Back when all you 12 year olds were 7 freakin' years old, this hunk of German love played Captain Englehorn in Peter Jackson's masterpiece remake of King Kong. Believe me-

Ahhhg, my finger is bleeding! 

Panic averted.

-Believe me, that is an amazing movie. Its the perfect adventure story that blends love, comedy, and seriousness together in one hell of a good time. Although, this film is about a bagillion hours long and usually requires a considerable amount of patience. Or popcorn. Maybe both. 

ooooh, all the filthy, dirty, kinky, slutty captions I could put on this photo....
Seriously. He is the reason why I go by  the alias Captain. Well, one of the reasons anyways. There are a few. But he's one of them! 
Back in High School, I did an analysis of his character. And believe me, Captain Englehorn is a very complicated character and he is extremely mysterious. And readers, we all know there are few things hotter than a sexy, brooding, mysterious man in a position of power.  
Call me.

Seriously, every time I see him I either get the hiccups, butterflies, or end up saying something embarrassing like:

I want to have your babies.

The previous caption on the above photo was too inappropriate and had to be replaced by something tame. 

MOVING ON NOW, so King Kong is really awesome and I recommend you all see it. Especially since Thomas Kretschmann is smoking hot and now that he's popular you can all be fan girly and pretend you've loved him ~totes for like, evarrr~. Yeah. But don't forget who introduced you to this smokin' hot son of a bitch. Me, Captain, otherwise known as the Canadian Puck Bunny.

Me having goo-goo eyes for Captain Englehorn, 2005
So, if you know what's good for you, go check out Peter Jackson's King Kong. Dooo iiiiit.

And yeah, don't make fun of his hat. His hat is bitchin'.



  1. You... may have converted me

    Wow :)

  2. Also: Bunny with the hipster glasses = LOVE!

    May have to steal