Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I'm baaack...

What's this? The air is chilly, the leaves are falling off the trees... Autumn is here. And up in the North that means one thing: Winter is right around the corner. And I mean literally. Old Man Winter will be rearing his ugly head pretty soon here. And by pretty soon I mean a couple weeks. Sigh. And this means that I, the Great Canadian PuckBunny, have come out of "hibernation". The lack of blog posts during the summer can only be explained by the fact that it is nice outside, and as a bunny I enjoy spending time outdoors. Over the summer I managed to escape from my job to go get away with my boyfriend. We spent a week in a Cabin on the lake, and also did some camping. Over this summer I have also been given several other nicknames, on top of Puck Bunny which was given to me by my Uncle last year. It stuck. This summer I have accumulated other bunny related nicknames:

Wonder Bunny, because I'm pretty awesome. 
Hunny Bunny, because Urban Dictionary said so. 
and Jungle Bunny. And that one is a long story involving me climbing a tree then getting a concussion from a garage door. 

Why all my nicknames are bunny related, I don't know. And in case you were wondering, no I am not a porn star. 

Right, so I've gotten considerably off-topic. What I've been meaning to say is that since University has started again, I am also blogging again. Because with University comes school work and with school work comes procrastination.
So you can expect more Sexy Saturdays and Movie Reviews. 

Awww yeah. 

So keep visiting us here at the Cinema Club to get your fix on movie related awesomeness. And daily anecdotes about the crazy shit that goes on in my life.  

Me, saying goodbye to summer. September, 2012

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Cinema Club is very cranky.

I am the Canadian Puck Bunny. And as a hockey lover and resident Canadian, Winter is my busy season (for those of you who don't live in Canada, I shall inform you that we have two seasons here in the north: Winter and Not Winter). It is during the winter time that I am active on The Twitter, watching Hockey, "studying" in University, and (of course) keeping up with this blog. As regular readers have noticed, this blog has been dead since Winter decided to take a break and let "summer" have a turn. What has awakened me from my backwards hibernation, one may ask? 

A Number of Things. 

First and foremost, I would like to mention right now that I am CONSIDERABLY PO'ed. Puck Bunnies do not LIKE to be awakened from their hibernation!!! But a considerable list of matters has reached my rabbit ears and I feel the need to set the record straight. 

Everybody STFU and listen to what I have to say.

 1. Blogger changed their editing layout around since I was last here. AND I DON'T LIKE IT.

 2. DO NOT go to see that new Batman movie. Apparently you will be shot to death.  Be patient and wait for it to come out on Netflix.

 3. And this is the biggie- apparently they're re-doing and/or adding to the Bourne Movies. This is VERY BAD.  When I first made this discovery I was comfortably snuggling with my boyfriend on the couch. Then the preview came on and I pretty much shot up and asked the TV: 

 You CANNOT re-do a movie trilogy that is already perfect in every way shape and form!

I repeat: perfect.

After my spastic reaction to the trailer, my annoyed boyfriend called me a Cry-Baby. Although I quieted down, I desperately tried to use telepathy to tell my boyfriend: 

  I quickly dismissed the matter and attempted to pass it off as a bad dream. But alas, today I was watching TV when the trailer came on again. My Reaction?  Something like this: 


I am thoroughly irked by this matter. I'm sorry, but one cannot replace Matt Damon's sexy action packed adventures through Europe with... with... THIS: 


I'm too distraught to keep writing this post.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Well this is a naughty post.

This Blog is Crude, Crass, and 100% Rude. This post right here is going to be a prime example of my blogging on its worst behavior. And why is that? Well, folks, today while watching a very good movie called The Others, an especially gorgeous man came onto The Cinema Club's radar. It's Thursday and I absolutely cannot wait until Saturday to give this gorgeous piece of sexy some spotlight here on the blog. Don't get your panties in a knot, I'll introduce him right away. His name is Christopher Eccleston. 

And this is he: 

Can we engage in the intercourse now?
This Gorgeous piece of Gorgeous captured the Canadian Puck Bunny's heart the moment he wandered on screen.

That is a PRIZE WINNING smile right there. <3 <3 <3

I am a love struck Bunny.

Seriously, Folks. I'm adding him to my list of all time favesies. 

The Canadian Puck Bunny's All Time Favesies: 
(May be missing a few at this time)
  • Thomas Kretschmann (#LongTermCommitedRelationship)
  • Tim Roth
  • Jamie Bell
  • Christoph Waltz
  • Rutger Hauer (#ButOnlyInThe80's)
  • Viggo Mortensen
  • Ron Eldard 
  • Christopher Eccleston 

Seriously how can you not be drooling right now? (Straight men, don't answer. you wouldn't understand). If you need more persuasion, more pictures can be arranged. 

His eyes motherfucker! Look at his EYES!

I'd also like to mention that I love his terrible nose. All the men I've fallen hopelessly in love with have had rather less than perfect noses. I like.

Seriously, folks. I swear. During all his screen time during The Others I was essentially flopping around like a half retarded fish out of water. Writhing on the floor, overwhelmed by his hotness. I was like: 
Ahhhh! Please! Kiss all over my body with your scraggly face!
Permission to do naughty things GRANTED.
Cannot... contain... ORGASM.....!!!

Had more fun watching that movie than I expected.


Ok, so I exaggerated a teensy bit. But you get the idea. 

Hot like fire.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Timmy Tuesday: Black & White

It's Timmy Tuesday! 

"This is an exciting matter!"

...and up until recently I had a bit of a hate on for Black & White films. I thought they were boring as hell and I most definitely judged them right off the bat. But last Thursday in Film Class I got to see a clip from a German Expressionist film called Metropolis. Guys, from what I got to see, that movie is bitchin'. I found one scene in particular absolutely hysterical. Since I am nice I will share it with you. 

(For the record, I don't think it was meant to be funny, but the expressions of the men's faces are hysterical!)
Also: Beware early 20th century nudity!


Because this:

Hilarity aside, this is actually a very well done scene, and I look forward to seeing the whole thing. Furthermore, on the topic of Black & White films, I also saw a clip from Nosferatu. And guys... it was actually really creepy. 

Here's the 1922 trailer: 

Right So now that we're all on board and agree that Black & White can be awesome (if you do not agree, you may walk the plank) I would like to use this as an opportunity to share some of Tim Roth's most drool-worthy Black & White photos. 

(This is just 100% adorable)

So God Bless Black & White. And Timmy Tuesdays.


Sunday, March 18, 2012

Happy Birthday to Us

I believe it was around this time, one year ago, that The Cinema Club was born.

That makes us One Year Old.

So we're having a little birthday party. Because really, here at the Cinema Club, we'll take any excuse to party. And so far it's been great. We've invited all Sexy Saturday alumni, and they've brought stacks of gifts. 

Timmy put on a floral apron and baked the cake
Russell Crowe brought whipped cream and he and Jamie Bell got into a whipped cream fight. Both of them are completely covered. Meanwhile, Spike Lee is the DJ and Ryan Gosling is sitting in the bathtub. 

Hey, girl. Care to join me?

We've got lots of alcohol here at The Cinema Club office, and it's getting pretty hot in here. Thomas Kretschmann and I wanted to do tequila shots, but Jason Statham tried to talk us out of it, because he was DD for the night and he didn't want anyone to puke in his sporty car. Thomas and I replied with: 


and proceeded to do shots. Next thing we knew Gerard Butler yelled "THIS IS SPARTA!" and accidentally kicked Jamie Bell out the window. We had to go collect him off the sidewalk and he was less than pleased. 

I am most displeased.
To make it up to him, we had Gerard Butler give him a cupcake and then everything was ok. Meanwhile, Wayne Knight showed up because he heard there would be food, and Jerry got pretty pissed. 


So I had to have a little chit chat with security and find out why on Earth they'd let Wayne Knight into our party. Then Rutger Hauer started playing drinking games with Gosling, and Toby Maguire was trying to see which of the female guests would actually believe he is a doctor. Things were getting a little bit out of hand, but all was interrupted when Timmy accidentally burnt the cake. So Wayne was all: 

JESUS. There won't be any cake!!!

But Tim just says: 

Fuck you I followed the recipe.

So Wayne puts on the floral apron and takes Timmy's place in the kitchen. We all wait at the table like: 


As we're waiting for the cake, Ryan Gosling asks if anybody would like to play spin the bottle and I'm like: 


Then Timmy gets a little too excited and looks at Gary Oldman like: 

Gary Oldman Let's DO IT.

But then Wayne Knight finished the cake and everyone just devours it like this: 


We've hardly finished our cake when Gary Oldman decides he wants to take Timmy up on his offer. So as they're making out on the table all our male guests are like: 


So we move over to the next room and decide to do more shots. Liam Neeson ends up drinking everyone under the table and by 3am we're all pretty exhausted. So Jason Statham, our DD, gets everyone in the car and we leave the Cinema Club office in style. 


They see us rollin', they hatin'. 

But before we go home we stop at a Tim Horton's joint and drink hot chocolate in our inebriated state. Rutger Hauer looks especially adorable. 


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

This Blog needs more Jamie Bell

We all know that this is you right now:


Timmy Tuesday: Guilty Confessions

It's my favorite day of the week again! Timmy Tuesday! And if you say you dislike Timmy Tuesdays, this is all we have to say to you: 

You! Yes, you. You sit on a THRONE OF LIES.

Today's Timmy Tuesday Topic (Holy T's!!!!) is Guilty Confessions. Because recently Timmy confessed to the world on the Twitter that he has a guilty secret... The Movie Bridesmaids

Yes, it's true!

And here, dear readers, is the proof:

But it doesn't end there. He continues on with his confessions: 

So meanwhile here at the Cinema Club, we're all inspired to talk about our Guilty Secrets aswell!

Usually when the opportunity to spill guilty secrets comes up, we go about the issue a bit like this:

I'll just be leaving now.....

But not today, my dear readers. Today we're going to let our dork flags fly and be loud and proud about the shit we like. I recently did this on Day 3 of the 30 Day Challenge, when I so boldly announced my love for Peewee Herman. 

             .....did you hear that loud stampeding sound?
                                       .......that was the sound of all my future boyfriends running away.


A Small List of the Canadian Puck Bunny's Guilty Confessions: 
  • I absolutely love dinosaur fruitsnacks 
  • Lilo & Stitch is one of my favorite movies
  • I have the Hamster Dance album on my iPod
  • If I had the choice between a boyfriend and a puppy I'd pick the puppy 
 Wow. that list pretty much concludes that I am actually 6 years old. 

Though I have my mature guilty confessions aswell...

Right. So obviously I'm not the only one that has guilty secrets. Why, just now, a friend texted me: "Que Coño" which is NOT what he wanted to say, at all... (thanks to his Spanish speaking friend, he is now humiliated). Those of you who speak Spanish are laughing. For those of you who don't... 

Suddenly it all makes sense.
A regular reader of the blog and a good friend of mine offered one of his guilty dorky pleasures to post on the blog: 
The Iron Giant is his favorite movie. Not a lot of people are willing to admit that they have a love for animated films.
My She-Darling also offered up a confession for the sake of the blog. She says that The Princess Bride is her favorite movie ever. And let's admit, perhaps the Princess Bride is a wee bit dorky. 
The moral of the story is this:
We all have silly, dorky things that we think should be secrets. But the truth is we shouldn't be ashamed of these things, they're what make us special and unique. And, of course:
Nobody is too cool to be a dork or be embarrassed.
God Bless Timmy Tuesdays
And if anyone says otherwise, you must reply with: