Wednesday, February 29, 2012


This blog really should be called ThisIsHowIProcrastinate.blogspot or something like that. Because today I have to do a German paper. And I really don't wanna. I even voluntarily paid my Visa bills instead of doing homework. And I hate paying Visa bills. It feels like my soul is being ripped from me through my bank account. 

Anyone who has seen the Lord of the Rings movies are familiar with Sam's famous line in regards to potatoes. 

"Po-tay-toes... Boil 'em, mash 'em, stick 'em in a stew!"

Yeah. That. 

Well today in German class we were covering different cases in the German language. in one exercise we had to identify adjectives in a sentence and figure out what case the sentence is in. Anyways. One of the examples we had to work from was a poster for a Restaurant, a  Kartoffelhaus. Now, Kartoffelhaus is, essentially, "potato house". So a restaurant that serves potatoes. Cool. Apparently my prof felt inspired and got into talking about potatoes, because she then asked: 

"Was kann man alles mit kartoffeln machen?" 
Which pretty much means: "what can we do with potatoes?"

Now, my mouth decided to speak without first consulting my brain. This has happened before, when I blurted out PUMPKIN! in my Film class in This post (Clickie the Orange link!). Only this time, instead of screaming PUMPKIN from the utter excitement of my Film Prof talking about Tim Roth in an amphitheater, I decided that German class would be a perfect time to quote the Lord of the Rings

So, Was kann man alles mit kartoffeln machen? 


And that's how it's done, Canadian Puck Bunny style.

Swag Sauce.
So if you're even in a situation where a professor (or anyone, really) asks you what to do with potatoes, you know now know what to say: 

Yours truly,

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