Saturday, February 11, 2012


So a few weeks ago my father and I were in HMV browsing DVDs for sale. I recently decided that I'm a Clive Owen fan, so I got a bit excited when I saw a movie called Trust. I recalled seeing a preview for it earlier, and it looked like it would be really good. 

I excitedly started telling my Dad about the movie, surly how exciting it would be as the case promised its a lot like Taken. Little did I know my father had walked away long ago and I was left standing in a busy movie store literally talking to myself. 

Gee, thanks Dad. 

Well yesterday I got around to watching this film... and, uh, well it was an interesting experience, thats for sure. For those of you who didn't bother to watch the trailer, allow me to fill you in on what this movie is about.  

Trust is a film about a girl that gets completely obsessed with a boy that she meets in an online chat room. Things get freaky when this boy, Charlie, continually makes confessions about his age (instead of being 15, he's "actually" 18, etc). Charlie keeps getting older and Annie, the girl, is still drooling like a rabid dog over this guy she's never met. 

14 years old and dumber than a sack of hammers.
Eventually, since the story must progress, Annie decides its a great fucking idea to meet up with the lying Charlie. 

Really, readers? Really? Help me out here. Is that a good idea? At all? These two have never video chatted before. Her parents have no idea where she's going. YOU KNOW that you would never do something that stupid. I really don't want to spoil anything, but the moment when the two of them meet the audience pretty much either cringes in disgust or throws their arms up in the air while screaming "Game over!".   
You will soon learn that Annie is an idiot. A genuine Twat. A real stupid little girl. If this movie doesn't frustrate you to extreme extents then I don't know what your issue is. Things start going downhill for both Annie and the Audience when she decides to get in a car with the stranger. When that moment happened onscreen, this was me: 


Does she listen? Oh of course not. 

So I won't spoil the rest of the movie. What I am going to talk about is what I expected from the film, and what I actually got. The movie case says its a lot like Taken, its a real great movie, etc. And I'm not gonna lie, when they said it was going to be like Taken, I really got my hopes up. Throughout the entire film I was waiting for Clive Owen to go Liam Neeson on us. Yeah, that's right. Liam Neeson is also a verb
This was me throughout the entire film: 

"He's totally gonna Liam Neeson his daughter out of this!" 

"OK, now he's going to totally Liam Neeson that guy's FACE!"

"This time, I swear, he's going to Liam Neeson the shit out of him!"

Well let me tell you something, readers: HE NEVER DID. There was none of THIS: 


The only Liam Neesoning Clive Owen did was on a bathroom door and it was not very exciting. 

Despite his lack of Liam Neesoning, Clive Owen's character is actually really lovable. You have to love him. He happens to be very protective over his daughter. And as us ladies know, there are few things hotter than hot guys that are protective over their people

Exhibit A: 
Ryan Kesler and his adorable baby.
 Exhibit B:
Bryan with his daughter Kim in Taken
Exhibit C:
Robbie and his little sister in War of the Worlds

I rest my case. 

Now, as many people will agree, Annie's character in Trust was infuriating. BUT this movie was an insanely awkward roller coaster of emotion and craziness. I actually like it. And I'll watch it again. And I recommend it to you, because it was entertaining. Despite the lack of Liam Neesoning and despite the infuriating nature of the child. And especially despite the creepy perviness of Charlie. 


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