Monday, February 6, 2012

Day 3 - A Film You Watch to Feel Good

Readers, I am almost embarrassed to tell you what movie I watch to feel good. But then I remembered something that someone I used to be really close to said. He said that he doesn't have any guilty pleasures. If he likes something, he likes it, and he's not ashamed of that. I suppose that's a really good way to think. Well here it is, folks. My Guilty Pleasure The movie I watch to feel good:

Peewee's Big Adventure. 

Excuse me, wtf?

Yeah, that's right. I think Peewee Herman is awesome. No, this is not a joke. The wise words I mentioned above aside, this is a really embarrassing confession. 

You know you liiiike it.

Now that this is up on the internet forever and ever, I may aswell be loud and proud about this. I think Peewee Herman is hilarious. My darling Father even sucks it up and watches it with me sometimes. 

What a patient father you have.

Now, in all fairness, I have only seen this movie twice. The 1st time was when I had my heart broken for the first time 2 years ago. I ate orange popsicles and my dad and I watched Peewee Herman. I laughed. It was good times. 
The second time I watched it I was feeling pretty blue and it must have been around the time of my surgery. 

As I type this, my cat is running around and meowing like she's possessed. 
(I also have hardwood floors so I laugh as she slides around and crashes and burns)

Pretty Much what I have to deal with on a daily basis.

Right, back to Peewee's Big Adventure. It's a really silly movie, there's nothing particularly special about it. I just really like the part where Peewee does a Mr. T impression at the breakfast table

I pity the fool who don't eat mah cereal! 

Here at the Cinema Club, we love Mr. T!
Sharlto Copley also loves Mr. T. Double Win!
  For the longest time I had a Peewee Herman ringtone on my phone. Every time I got a text message my phone would light up and scream: "LALALALALALA LAAA!" In a Peewee voice.

...ummm... best ringtone EVER.


I just had a really frightening realization. In the above photo, Peewee looks a helluvalot like NHLer Brad Marchand....

This Kid's got moxie.

...and I happen to think that Brad Marchand is hot like fire. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN??? 

GEEZUS. I'd better stop here. Take that information as you may. My excuse for today's entry is this: 

I fainted at the University and fell down the stairs.  
This was me, minus the mattress: 

Perhaps I bonked my head. Normal people don't post entries on the internet about how much they like Peewee Herman.  

Say whaa? True story, bro.


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