Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Awkwardness Level 357482047

Usually I prefer to keep the personal anecdotes to a minimum (this is a movie blog, right?) but what happened to me yesterday is too good to keep to myself. The only place for stories with such a high degree of awkwardness is on the internet, where it will live on forever and ever and continue to haunt me for the rest of time. So here's what happened: 

I was in my English tutorial, minding my own business, when a pretty cute guy comes in and sits down. The TA then said that we would be doing group work. Naturally, we ended up in the same group. I figured I'd get my flirt on, and instead of actually doing work, I just talked to him to whole time. We really hit it off. It was great! Then he introduced himself. He happens to have the same name as the guy that broke my heart.  
Wonderful (<---- SARCASM). 
I was willing to let that go, as we were getting along so well. When class was over, he walked me to my destination and I was starting to get really excited. A potential coffee date? Hell yah! I was just about to be super cute and flirty and get his number (he was getting his phone out, it was the perfect opportunity!), when he said "Well I better go, my girlfriend is waiting for me."  ... My face looked like this: 

Are you f*cking serious?
 Then he was all cute and polite and said "It was a pleasure meeting you" to which I should have replied all cute and charming. But all I could think to say was: "Nice." 


Seriously? A nice, cute guy says "It was a pleasure meeting you" and all I can say in reply is "Nice" ??? Oh good God that's shameful. It's not even that I'm bummed that he has a girlfriend. I'm immensely shamed by my response. Nice. Uhhg. To make matters worse, when I came home I saw that my stupid cat puked all over my bedroom floor. 
Gee, thanks karma. (<----Also Sarcasm).



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