Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Newsies! important matters that must be discussed.

38 thousand views will soon be upon us.

Yes. Really.

Let's talk about important matters.

1.) My favorite hockey team lost last night ...again... and I'm ready to wail in despair. It's like my own personal apocalypse. If this shit keeps up, this is going to be me: 


2. It's really freakin' cold outside. The kind of cold that makes you cough and freezes fingers off. The kind of cold that only real Canadians can withstand.

3. Tim Roth, Jamie Bell, and Gary Oldman were all in Milan together and I don't know why. Though after running a brief Google search, I figure they're in Milan for... a modeling gig??? 

Yep. That's right. They're modeling Prada.

For the longest time I'd see Jamie Bell and Tim Roth tweeting about Milan. Rothy is an avid TwitPic-er so every morning I'd have to look at pictures like these: 

While I froze my ass off in conditions like these: 

Hullo? Anybody dere? Cannot see, snow too thick. Steve? Dat you? No, just frozen penguin.
^ What I see when I look out my window.
 But then Tim Roth tweets a Photo like this: 

Jamie Bell on the left.

And I feel like this:

The fact that Tim Roth is taking pictures of Jamie Bell is just so.... *flail*

 ^This was me when I discovered the two were in Milan together. 
Fangirl Pandemonium

Then Jamie Bell kept going on about a "Motley Group of Bastards" and I assume that by that he is referring to the Pretty Boy Squad that went to Milan to model Prada.

So there you have it, The Cinema Club Newsies. Lets recap on what we've learned today:

1. My hockey team makes me cry.  (But I still love them).
Look what they've done to me.
2. Canada is cold. Especially the part I live in.
Streets are buried under  6 feet of snow. Walk dog on roof.
3. Jamie Bell and Tim Roth joined up with Gary Oldman and Adrian Brody (and some other dudes) in Milan and had good times while modeling Prada clothing.
Epic Brodeo.

I think that perhaps the Evil Gnomes that got together and created The Grey with the sole perpose to scare the living daylights out of me felt bad and decided to do something nice. So they said:

Evil Gnome #1: Rothy and Jamie, go forth to Milan to model atrociously expensive clothing.  
Evil Gnome #2:Take pictures of each other and put them out in the Twitterverse. Your bromancing will bring forth Merriment and glee to El Capitain. 
Evil Gnome #3: She has recently reached the all-time low of buying a second-hand sweater and wearing her sweatpants in public. You must bring joy into her life. 
Evil Gnome #1: Milan is the prefect stage for Bromance Merriment.
Evil Gnome #2: Gary Oldman should tag along too.
Evil Gnome #3: This is our best idea yet.

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