Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Completely NOT Movie related
 (But Still Awesome, of course)

Since Easter is coming up and Spring is in the air, I'd like to take the chance to do a shout out to the most awesome animal ever... 

That's right. Ducks. 


I love ducks. Love them. I think they're just the cutest things. If I had my way, my bedroom would be full of ducks. Every time someone would open the door, there would be an explosion of downy feathers and frantic quacking. How awesome would that be!?
I want this in my room.
I'd raise errand ducks, homework ducks, maybe even attack ducks! I'd then be known as the crazy duck lady and I'd name half my flock Crackers and I am still undecided on the second half. 
It would be a magical dream come true.
I've never had the opportunity to pat a duck (They're always too shy and waddle away before I can extend a hand in prime duck patting position), though I'm sure it would be a fulfilling experience. While I wait for the opportunity to pet a duck to present itself, I will just have to feed them whenever I go to the zoo.  That's right. The best part of the zoo is getting to spend all my spare change on Oats to feed the duckies :)
Me and Crackers, March 2011.

The only thing better than ducks are ducklings. It's fact. I don't even think there's anything cuter than ducklings.
This cat is living my dream.

The girly squeal I made upon seeing this probably shouldn't be mentioned.
I suppose it would be prudent to somehow relate duckies to Film/TV, as this is a blog dedicated to Movies... unfortunately, duckies don't often make film appearances. 
I mean, there is of course Howard The Duck (1986), but that looks like an incredibly strange film that insults ducks worldwide. The Movie Star Duck I'm thinking of was in Adam Shankman's The Pacifier (2005). Yes, in The Pacifier, Vin Diesel stars alongside a Mallard Duck named Howard. 

Attack Ducks EXIST!
 The next duck I'm going to mention hasn't yet made a film debut, but appeared in a commercial for Dawn. 

I could just about DIE from all that cuteness. And that little "Quack" at the end...? 
It's just about too much cute for me to handle.
Things shouldn't be allowed to be that cute. And the best thing about ducks, is even after they've grown up they're still cute! It's a life time of cuteness! I wonder what the average life span of a duck is!? 

~Currently running Google Search on The Lifespan of a Mallard Duck~

A user at Answers.com says that captive duckies can live up to 20 years! But Squidoo.com says that a mallard duck lives between 7-9 years. Unfortunately, I think that the Squidoo answer is probably more correct. I've never heard of a 20 year old Mallard duck, though that would be REALLY COOL! That's 20 years of cuteness!

This would make a PRIME addition to my home!


There's really only one type of "Duck" that I dislike... 
Go away, Anaheim...
 Well, I hope that this rather peculiar entry has raised Duckie awareness in your life. It is my dream to one day adopt a flock of ducklings, and when that happens, I am changing the name of this blog to TheDuckieClub or something like that. So, don't shoot ducks, and visit Dawn's website to help save the Duckies! :) 


Quack! :)
El Capitain OUT!


  1. Duckies! <3
    I saw one on the way home yesterday, the snow was so high it was dragging it's belly <3

  2. AWWW!!!! Cuuuute!!! :D <3 Belly dragging duckies ftw!

  3. Ducklings are the best!! We had some on the farm one year and they were raised by the chickens! :D THEY ARE SO SOFT!!!!