Sunday, November 27, 2011

Happy Birthday, Sharlto Copley!

Guess what, guys? Sexy Saturday alumnus Sharlto Copley turns 38 today! 


Yes, this is him. No, you will never witness anything more adorable.

So Sharlto Copley is the cutest ever.

But what else makes him awesome? Well everything about him is likable. Literally, everything. There is not one aspect of Mr. Copley that we don't adore here at the Cinema Club. Except maybe that he isn't in more movies. 

For every problem there is a solution.
 But what is is about Sharlto Copley that we all adore so much? Everyone seems to agree that he is immensely talented, very funny, friendly, and just so freakin' cute


One of my favorite things about Mr. Copley is how interactive he is with his fans. If you visit his Facebook, you'll see that he is incredible friendly and interactive with his fans, often using fanart for his profile pictures, and commenting on things that people post on his page. How awesome is that? He shows us that one can be a talented, successful actor and still be a friendly approachable human being. Really Sharlto, kudos to you. 

Top 3 Reasons why Today's Birthday Boy is Amazing  

  1. He possesses wells of talent. He gives us the tortured soul routine in District 9, then turns around and makes us all laugh out loud with his red carpet gags and his performance in A-Team.
  2. He is super friendly and interacts with his fans on a regular basis.  Not only does he post behind the scenes photos of the movies he does, but he uses some his fan's artwork as his profile picture and comments on the rest.
  3. He is incredibly classy and proper. You never see him in trashy celebrity magazines and he's never been arrested.  

So, Happy Birthday Sharlto Copley! You are amazing and talented and your fans all love you very much. Keep up the good work!

(A little something we would all like to give you)

El Capitain OUT!


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