Thursday, November 17, 2011

1/2 step away from losing my mind/ Top 10 Movie Meltdowns


I am currently experiencing extreme

Someone is really hurting my feelings right now and I just don't know how to handle it.
Readers, I haven't felt this bent out of Shape since I first saw Mr. White kill Mr. Orange a few years ago. 
This broke my heart. </3. My soul bled. Profusely. For days.
I really truly wish I could turn myself into an emotionless husk of a human being. That way, I would be safe from any sort of heart ache and/or disappointment. Anyone wanna join me? 
    OK. Awesome.
I'm not entirely sure what we're going to do now, because emotion is the core of the human experience. Great. Now we're screwed. I suppose there really is only one thing left to do....  
Trolling = success
Nah, I kid. 
The Internet is no place for people's problems. 
The Internet is a place for this cat.
Instead, I'm throwing together yet another Top 10 List.
Today's countdown?
Top 10 Movie Meltdowns.
You see, I hope that by blogging about other people's meltdowns, I can avoid taking part in one myself. 
Because feeling like this sucks.
Top 10 Movie Meltdowns

10. Arnold Schwarzenegger's Spazz Attack in Kindergarten Cop
Even his scream has an accent. Now that's impressive. This is a particularly fantastical freak-out, and I believe nobody pulls off a tantrum better than Schwarzenegger. After being stuck in a classroom full of rotten, screeching misbehaving children, Schwarzenegger's character finally reaches his breaking point. And the outcome is pretty awesome. View the wrath of Schwarzenegger HERE.
9. Dwayne's Meltdown in Little Miss Sunshine

You can't help but feel bad for the guy. His dreams of joining the Air force have just been crushed. This is a situation I can completely relate to. Although, mind you, I didn't run down a hill screaming at the top of my lungs. I suffered in silence then went to University.  
8. The Matchmaker's rage in Mulan 

Was that really necessary? Kay just wondering. 
7. Happy's Freakout in Happy Gilmore
So pretty much all of Happy Gilmore's freak-outs are AMAZING, but this one is my favorite. This also doubles as one of the funniest clips I've ever seen. Though I suppose out of context it just looks like an epic tantrum.  
6. Parker's Meltdown in Frozen

Ok, so this meltdown is completely, 100% justified. I can almost guarantee that I would react the exact same way, if my boyfriend was being eaten alive by wolves. Only I think that perhaps I would have jumped from that chairlift in a stupid as hell attempt to save his life. And end up as wolf-chow in the process. But really, this movie meltdown is really... intense.
5. Ted the Bellhop's Rant on the phone in Four Rooms

So I love Tim Roth. Like, a lot. He's my favorite. Well... yeah, ok. He and Thomas Kretschmann are both my favorite. Upon mentioning this to a dear friend of mine, he said to me "Ewwww now I'm picturing you in bed with a couple of old men" to which I laughed hysterically. Anyways! Tim Roth is a brilliant actor. We all know this. And this scene in the hilarious movie Four Rooms is one of his best performances. Here he is, after the most eventful shift of his life, ranting on the phone to Margaret. I love this scene so much. The squeaking and cracking of his voice and his hysterical facial expressions... priceless.
4. Cameron Destroying his Dad's car in Ferris Bueller's Day off

Yes, parents can be extremely frustrating. Though trashing your Dad's Ferrari is a step on the... wild side...
3.Mae Whitman's tantrum in Hope Floats

I cannot this clip online, nor can I find a picture from this scene. But believe me, it was very heart breaking. Mae Whitman's character is named Bernice Pruitt. Bernice's parents have recently split up, and she's been living with her mom. After her grandmother's funeral, her father comes by to ask for a divorce. Confused with the situation, Bernice runs after her dad, begging him to take her with him. Her father refuses. This little innocent girl holding a bunny rabbit doll with big wonky glasses begging her father to take her with him. He throws her luggage out of the car and slams the car door in her face. At this point, this little girl is bawling and crying, begging her father to take her. He drives away, leaving her sobbing in the street. Really, if this doesn't make you feel bad I don't know what will. Needless to say, Whitman's acting was superb. 
2. Ewan McGregor's Sobfest in Moulin Rouge

When men cry, I can't help but cry too. There's something about when a guy that normally has it together really loses it an erupts in sobs that just gets me right in the heart. When I first saw Moulin Rouge, I absolutely bawled my eyes out alongside Ewan McGregor at the end. And that's impressive, because I didn't like Nicole Kidman's Character. AT ALL. No, it was the absolute agony that Ewan McGregor threw at us. The whirlwind of sobbing pain. McGregor has the best man cry I've ever heard. Witness the trauma HERE.
1. Bruno Ganz's epic Freakout in Der Untergang (Downfall)
I absolutely love this movie. And frankly, Bruno Ganz does the best portrayal of Hitler I have ever seen. Ever. He is amazing. And this scene proves this. This is, easily, the most epic meltdown in movie history

And now 4 minutes and 13 seconds of Nicolas Cage being, well, Nicolas Cage.

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