Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sexy Saturday: Sharlto Copley

The Cinema Club's 3rd weekly Sexy Saturday is proud to introduce: 
Sharlto Copley!
Yes Please!
Sharlto Copley, born November 27th 1975, is an extremely talented and classy South African actor, director, and producer. Though this cutie flies under the radar mostly, he has appeared in two very big productions: as Wikus in Peter Jackson's District 9, and Mad Murdock in A-Team (2010). 

Though I found his performance in District 9 to be very good (ahem, he won the "Best Performance of 2009" with that role), it wasn't until I saw A-Team that I saw him in a new light... (AKA: a Sexy Saturday Nominee). 

His performance in A-Team was so highly amusing, he had me in stitches the whole time. There was something about a South African cutie flying a helicopter in Pajama Pants and a Red ball cap that just screamed AWESOME! to me...!!!
My Reaction to this? (View Below)...
Sharlto Copley as a pilot = my type.

I knew it was true love when, upon watching A-Team and the Helicopter chase scene came on, I screamed at the TV: "STALL YOUR HELICOPTER!" And, like a good neurotically zany pilot, Capt. Murdock stalled his chopper. Atta boy. ;) 

As an Aviatrix, I find Aviators to be the sexiest men alive.

So not only is Sharlto considerably good looking, but he has this awesome sense of humor! He seems like a really great, funny dude. Here he is singing Sexy Back to Jessica Biel at a red carpet event... [link]. And here is the fookin' hilarious skit he directed and produced called Wikus and Charlize. It's really quite comical:
And unlike previous Sexy Saturday Alumnus Russell Crowe Mr. Copley here does not have a reputation for being cranky and mean. He hasn't been arrested, nor has he had any shame-worthy public faux-pas. Instead, he shows the world what a fun guy he is with his red carpet gags... 
He borrowed the Tank Driver's helmet!
 and he seems to interact a considerable amount with his fans. 
He updates his facebook page often, posting behind-the-scenes photos and supporting his fans' artwork. Seriously, can an actor get any cooler than that???

I laughed. A little too hard.
So, Sharlto. You're hilarious. You're talented. You're sexy. Keep it up, and Congratulations on the Sexy Saturday ;)

El Capitain OUT! 

What I would give to be your co-pilot...
PS: Like Copley too? You can look forward to Elysium, which is expected to come out in '13! 


  1. I agree with everything you said! Funny, cute, sexy, classy and talented. *sigh*

  2. Thank you for the feedback! I'm so happy you agree... this guy is something special! I hope to see him in many more movies! :)

  3. I TOTALLY agree with you! I love this guy! Sharlto is my most favorite actor under the sun. His acting is awesome, his south african accent if fecking amazing, he's sexy, funny, classy and very cute. He just seems like a totally brilliant guy and I can't wait to see more of him! Love you Sharlto!