Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I'm supposed to be writing a history paper right now/ WTF am I doing???

Readers, I have a problem.

Though not quite as bad as this kid's.

Let me tell you what my problem is. Every time I have studying to do, or papers to write, I turn into a fierce procrastinator- the best you've ever seen! We've previously encountered this problem here, when my life more or less depended on the math test I was studying for. Well folks, I'm in the same situation again. My life does in fact depend on this super important paper I must write for my WWII history class. 13 pages will decide my fate. So, naturally, I am unable to write anything down. 

Suddenly I can't remember anything!
And the sad thing is, I can't even think of anything clever to write here. So I can't even do this: 

Yes, professor. I understand that not having a paper to hand in is perfectly unacceptable, BUT I did manage to write a kick-ass article on my blog and made hundreds of people Laugh-Out-Loud. The laughter of hundreds of people justifies my lack of research paper. If that doesn't sell you, look on the bright side- you have one less paper to read!
No, instead, I'm stuck in this scenario:

I'm failing history and produced the most useless blog entry known to man!

Now a clever, creative blogger would bring to you a smashing article about the Top 10 Best Procrastinators known to man, or something along those lines. But no. Not me. Instead, I just have this picture of  Jude Law standing naked in a shower.

Well then. No complaints here. :)

I really need to get my act together.

El Capitain OUT!
Wish me luck.

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