Monday, November 28, 2011

Denis Leary visited me last night?

Readers, I didn't sleep very well last night. I've been so stressed and anxious that I had the hardest time falling asleep. The second I managed to doze off my phone rang, and when I checked the text message I got really confused... an old friend sent me a shirtless picture of himself. Uh... thanks?

Nice abs, but I can think of someone who wouldn't really approve of this. Now it's past midnight, get your ass to bed, child. 

What we're going to talk about today is what happened after I did manage to fall asleep. Readers, I'm going to tell you all about the messed up dream I had. 

It was a Cross-Canada Adventure!

My dream started off normal enough. For the past month I've been having recurring dreams of myself traveling to a particular destination. Though it's different every time and I never manage to fully arrive. Last night I found myself on an airplane sitting next to a guy that looked like this: 

Apparently our plane was headed for Vancouver, Canada which is not where I wanted to go. I got into the most ridiculous discussion with this guy, and learned that he was a student. Suddenly, just like magic, I was in Ontario. I found myself wandering around a city at night and ended up in a convenience store. I ended up talking the the cashier, who I had apparently met before on a previous trip. We chatted like old pals and suddenly I was in a different location. At this point in my dream I was very frustrated because I knew I was far from my destination, which I have never been able to attain in previous dreams. I was in a University and ran out a random door, thinking I knew where it would take me. That's when I found myself in a maze. The grass was green and the brick walls of the maze were very tall and I couldn't see past them. I began wandering around even though a voice behind me yelled at me to turn around, I was headed for disaster. I found a dead end with a bed. I found that very odd and approached it. Suddenly I had fallen down a hole and this is when my dream gets seriously messed. I had fallen into an underground cave system. You know, exactly like the one from The Descent. Great. 

 The idea was that there had been a lot of people in this cave, but they had been picked off by scary cave-dwelling monsters, like these: 

And here's the fun part: a couple of cops had found their way to the cave, to investigate the disappearance of all these people. The cop in my dream? Denis Leary. 
WTF are you doing in my dream??? D:
You may recognize Denis Leary from the popular show Rescue Me. He also does those Ford Commercials. Last but not least, He does the voice of Diego in Ice Age

I'm in your head. Messin' with your dreams.
Of course he had a side kick. My subconscious contributed to that well over-used "White Cop with Black Sidekick" story line. 

Exhibit A 
Exhibit B
Exhibit C

So what happened was Denis Leary and his Sidekick found a giant pit of wax. Leary accidentally fell in and that's when he found that the wax pool was filled with dead bodies. 

My subconscious is messed

Of course the two cops were then attacked by cave dwelling monsters and I woke up at 4:30am wondering what the hell I was doing dreaming about Denis Leary and pools of wax with dead bodies preserved inside.  

But why Denis Leary??? 

Hey Leary, I'm a Bruins fan too! ...
...Or a Marchand fan. Don't judge.

According to Cosmopolitan magazine, we associate dreaming of celebrities with being fawned over. So maybe I'm just in need of some TLC and my brain decided to set me up with Mr. Leary. 

Rothy was booked solid and couldn't do Sunday night.

Now, according to, this is what my dream "means": 
"To see wax in your dream indicates that there is too much activity going on in your life. There is too much chaos going on. You need to slow down and take a breather." 

"To see or be in a grocery or convenience store in your dream suggests that you are emotionally and mentally strained." 

GASP. How did they know???

This isn't far from the truth, as I've been complaining of stress and anxiety since the 17th.
Well then. Isn't that fun. Go to and decode your dream! :) 

Maybe Denis Leary will visit you sometime soon! 

 El Capitain OUT!

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