Monday, March 5, 2012

A Canadian movie you've never heard of before!

Ever since that Movies Are Like Chips post, I've had this crazy craving for, well, chips. Lately my diet has been particularly questionable. Pizza Pretzels coated in hot sauce for breakfast? Pizza with the zucchini toppings picked off for supper? It's at this point people look at me with raised eyebrows and I'm just like: 

SHHH! I'm a Carbivore. This is what I do.

So what are we going to talk about today, other than the deliciousness that is carbs? Well I'd like to mention that up here in the Great White North it is snowing like crazy and we're supposed to get about 15cm of it tonight.


All this wintery weather has gotten me thinking about wintery movies. And amongst films like The Thing, Frozen, and The Grey, one movie in particular comes to mind. What movie might that be? Well I'd love to tell you, but the truth is, I can't remember the title. How pathetic. See, back when I was in High School... 

...My French immersion class watched a movie before we went on Christmas Break. Our teacher, hellbent on showing a French Canadian film, put on a silly DVD about a bunch of kids that go on Christmas break. My memory of the movie is a bit fuzzy. I think there was something about them starting a snowball war and then they built a fort and maybe somebody's dog died. So obviously that isn't a legitimate movie review, and I shall make it my personal quest on this snowy afternoon to find this movie! 

This will be me in a few short moments: 


 WOW that actually only took about 5 seconds. I just used that magical tool called Google and typed in "Filme Quebecois La Guerre" and it was one of the first results to come up. So the movie we're talking about today is called La Guerre des Tuques. For all you non-French Speakers that means "The War of Toques". For those of you who don't speak Canadian, that pretty much translates into "The War Of Warm Winter Hats".

So the movie is about a bunch of kids that go on Christmas vacation. At the end of school, a Jr. Gang of French kids decide to break up in a snow war. They're all legit and they even write down their rules before the war starts.

Because we Canadians are classy.

Before they go home, they split up into two teams, and pick their base. Its full on war with these kids. But after a while this war is getting exhausting, and one group decides enough is enough. They resent going outside because they're being pelted with snowballs all the time. So they decide to take a stand and put an end to this war. 

Now if any of you are reading this review with a raised eyebrow wondering "Whats the big deal? It's winter! It's Canada! Therefore it is cold. Why don't these kids just stay indoors?" 
Well here's the deal, folks. Canadians adapt to the cold and we thrive in the snow. As I type this it is snowing like crazy outside, and just last Saturday I stood outside a club, for close to an hour, in an itty bitty little miniskirt, high heels, and a leather jacket. Sure, I was shaking and thought I was going to die, but the fact is I survived. 

Genuine Canadian.

So this is what kids do in the winter in Canada. We go outside. And the kids in La Guerre des Tuques are no different. This is a really cute movie, and if you speak French I recommend you watch it. Its somewhat difficult to impress me with movies, but I was happy with this one. :)

Stamp of approval.      

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