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Top 10 Hottest Actresses

So apparently I'm feeling the girl-love or something, thanks to the last 30 day challenge post about Milla Jovovich. Plus, this blog isn't exactly very friendly to my male readers. Day in and day out they have to listen to crap like 

Oooo! Tim Roth! Oooo! Thomas Kretschmann dressed as a sailor! OMAGAD Christoph Waltz!

And that's probably very exhausting. So I'm going to do something VERY un-me-like and publish a Top 10 List of what I consider Hollywood's Hottest Babes. And this is a pretty big deal. I don't usually do the whole GIRL POWER! thing. But I realized that I have 2 very good girlfriends. I actually got to go out dancing with one last night. It was an opportunity to do each other's makeup and trash talk heart breaking bastards. After an hour and a half we pretty much transformed into this: 


So now, without any further ado:
Hollywood's Top 10 Hottest Actresses

Isabella Leong

I saw this chick in the 3rd Mummy movie and I was like: Damn. She's Cute. Isabella Leong actually has a bitchin' name that makes be a bit jealous. Her full name is Luisa Isabella Nolasco Da Silva. That's an awesome name. That's the kind of name some smokin' hot babe with smoldering eyes in 1886 would have. Yeah, you know the type. Long black hair, likely wears a hoop skirt, may or may not run a boarding house and fraternize with Cabellos on a regular basis. I'm getting off-topic. This chick is actually Chinese. So there are no Southern California Boarding houses anywhere near her and that's the most un-Asian name I can think of. She speaks English, Mandarin, and Cantonese.  

Sandra Bullock 

She's gorgeous in an unconventional sort of way. And you have to love her because she's so adorable. She seems like a really nice woman, someone that would make a good mom. I suspect my father may or may not have a bit of a "crush" on her. And for good reasons, she looks a lot like my mom did in her younger days. Bullock has been in a whole swack of movies. From Speed to The Blindside and a whole lot in between.    

Jennifer Lawrence

 After seeing Winter's Bone, I have a whole lot of respect for this actress. She played a fantastic character and her acting is phenomenal. And of course she's gorgeous. And since she's gorgeous, she did a whole bunch of skanky photoshoots that we don't approve of here at the cinema club. Though she's 5'7 and rumored to be around 125 lbs. We like that at the cinema club (therefore the healthy body cancels out the nude photos). We do not believe in stick thin sickly bitches and Jennifer Lawrence proves that one can be over 120 lbs and still look smokin' hot. How can you not love her long blonde hair and blue eyes? She's an all-American sweetheart and she's very cool. Jennifer will be in that Hunger Games movie coming out soon, so get excited.   

Catherine Zeta Jones

Is it even fair that one woman should be allowed to possess so much gorgeousness all to herself? This welsh Goddess has the looks and the curves that every man would drool over. I really enjoyed watching her performance in the Zorro movies. Catherine Zeta Jones is 5'6" of beauty. She's not stick thin or fakey looking. She's a natural beauty and pretty much defines femininity. 

Irène Jacob

 She's FRENCH. Need I say more? (I know I don't but I will anyways). I saw her in Trois Couleurs: Rouge in Film Class and thought she was just gorgeous. She looks a bit like Kate Beckinsdale (or however you spell it). Her beauty is classic and timeless and she's universally attractive. There are a lot of pictures of her without any make up, or with very natural makeup, and she still looks gorgeous! Clicky Here! And here! And also here

Liv Tyler

It's Liv freakin' Tyler. She's gorgeous. She has a aura of gentleness about her. I think everyone loved her as Arwen in The Lord of the Ring. I think it's super awesome that she has fair skin, dark hair and blue eyes. There aren't a lot of us out there! I really like this actress. She's talented, she's beautiful, and she seems humble. You never see her in those trashy celebrity magazines.  

 Melanie Laurent

 Melanie Laurent is hot hot hot! If I could look like another chick I think I'd want to look like her. She's French (she was born in Paris), and you would have seen her in Inglourious Basterds (a really amazing movie). She also sings, so you can say she's pretty damn talented. Laurent is also Jewish, so her role in Inglourious Basterds was pretty much perfect for her. She is a strong, beautiful Parisian woman, and she is coated in the female equivalent of Swag Sauce (glitter?).   

Brandon Merrill

 I really like this chick. I've seen her in one movie: Shanghai Noon. She played Jackie Chan's freakin' cool Indian wife. She was born in Colorado and raised on a ranch in Wyoming, then she was signed as a model. So her role in Shanghai Noon is her only acting job. But her gorgeous face is all over the internet because of her modeling. Check out this photo

Michelle Pfeiffer

 JEEBUS. She's GORGEOUS. Her face is pretty much the epitome of perfect. Not to mention she has a smokin hot bod and you'd never guess she's in her 50's. What the hell, seriously. I love this chick. She's awesome. She looks like perfection and having a face like her's is pretty much like having the world on a plate. And the thing is, she's crazy gorgeous but its impossible to hate her for her looks. She just seems like a really nice person. Dear Michelle, we love you, but please share some of your gorgeous with the rest of us.

Milla Jovovich

Favesies. I love this actress like a fat kid loves cake. Milla is a Ukrainian born Supermodel that is 100% drool-worthy. She has this super hot sort of husky voice and gorgeous green eyes. Now let's talk about her body. OMG her body. She's the only woman that makes skin and bones look good. She's 5'8 and close to 120 lbs. She sings, and her voice is AMAZING. She is also a fashion designer. Goodness, woman! On top of all of that she is a mom and an actress. Hot hot hot! If the opportunity to live in her body for any amount of time was given, I'd be like:



I hate the fact that I wrote this article while wearing sweatpants with two cats keeping me company. What did I have for breakfast? A pizza pretzel coated in hot sauce and hot chocolate with a scoop of icecream mixed in. *Sigh*. I feel so un-classy. Well, Male readers, this one was for you. You're Welcome.

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  1. If you get the chance to look like someone else, choose Marion Cotillard: she's what a woman should look like.