Friday, April 22, 2011

P.S. I Love You

Last Christmas I was sitting on the couch with my Grandfather at my Aunt and Uncle's cabin. We were eating Lemon Squares and talking. It was brought up, by my grandfather, that I come from a family of criers. And I suppose it's true... my family is guilty of choking up and getting the sniffles in sad movies. For the longest time I fought this instinct, holding my head high and holding back tears, scoffing at sad movies and hard core pretending that I was ice cold and immune to human emotion. But the truth is, oh vast Internet, I am not immune to human emotion. I am in fact a prime example of the crying gene in my family. This trait is exemplified whenever I watch P.S. I Love You (2007). This movie, Directed by Richard LaGravenese, stars Hilary Swank and Gerard Butler as Holly and Gerry, a newlywed couple that has been torn apart by Gerry's death. On her 30th birthday, Holly discovers that Gerry has left her a series of letters, to help ease the pain of his death and help her move on with her life. 

Guys, I was more of a wreck than Holly.

I bawled, literally from start to finish. He hadn't even died yet and I was crying. Pathetic, I know. I guess that's what happens when you're a hopeless romantic like I am. I told my father this morning "I cried harder than Hilary Swank's character" and he laughed. He laughed because he knows its true. 

I'd like to mention that that P.S. I Love You was phenomenally acted. It felt so real. The emotion presented on screen was so raw and true, I honestly felt like Gerry was also my late husband. Because frankly, guys, I was grieving too. 

Gerard Butler did an amazing job at being a completely adorable man. Funny, charming and just plain amazing.     
"You know you love me." Yes Gerard. Yes we do.

Hilary Swank was superb, and had me convinced she was a grieving widow. Seriously, her performance was really good. 


I quite like the way the movie was started. The movie opened with this couple in the middle of a fight. And it was really sad. Naturally, I instantly sided with the guy (hey, that's just the way I am). 

Hilary Swank, please stop yelling at Gerard...
And you can see, even in the middle of this fight, that this couple is truly and madly in love. And no, I'm not talking about stinky, fake teenager vampire "love"... I'm talking about true, real, honest to goodness love. And it's so sweet that it hurts. 

This is so cute it causes me physical pain.
So I guess you can say that the writers, director and actors all did their job right from the start. They established their characters, their relationships, and then BAM. Just like that, one of them (the hot one.... figures....) is robbed from us. And it HURTS. 
Rest in peace, fictional Gerry.
Now, as some of you know from my Frozen review, I have a really soft spot for men, and for romance. At multiple points in P.S. I love you, Holly was seen carrying around Gerry's urn. I don't know what it is about that, but it touched me in a funny way and I pretty much just lost it and cried like a baby. 

And some of the things Gerry was writing in those letters were so touching and so sweet, god, it's enough to pull on anyone's heart strings. 

Cue Sob
But possibly the best line in the movie was from Holly's younger sister. After being asked if she was drunk by her mother, Holy replied with a disgusted "no" and her adorable sister asked "Well do ya wanna be?" Best.

Best friends
So all in all, I would have to say that P.S. I Love You is the movie that I've cried the hardest in. It is so touching and heart wrenching. There is a particular scene were Holly gets in a fight with some ignorant wife who is being very mean to her husband... I was cheering Holly on hard core. she lost her husband, I'm fiercely protective over men... we would make a fierce team. 

I would recommend P.S. I Love you to anyone who is a romantic, loves love stories, and wants a hard hitting emotional movie.  

They go better together than Bella and Edward. Duh.
El Capitain OUT!

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