Sunday, April 24, 2011

My head isn't quite screwed on right...

Alas, I must write an exam tomorrow and studying has started to do strange things to my brain... I've spent so much time staring at graphs and functions and formulas, that my brain isn't quite functioning properly. Yesterday, I accidentally aimed a spoonful of pudding at my eye socket instead of my mouth. This afternoon, I had some sort of weird panic attack in the shower and inhaled face cleanser bubbles through my nose. I'm concerned that perhaps I'll soon forget how to breath or swallow or something important like that. I'm only a half a step away from standing on the side of the highway and doing something like this: 

Like buy would Juice Orange Sir?
But as I was sitting at my usual study spot, on the brink of speaking Latin backwards while wearing a protractor as a tiara, I suddenly started thinking about birds of paradise, and how hilarious I think they are. 


I would like to share with you a video of this particular bird of paradise doing it's dance, which I find hilarious (especially in my mentally weakened state).

I'm really not sure as to why I have chosen to post this on the Internet, nor am I sure as to why I'm thinking of birds of Paradise while I should be studying the complex ways of math...  I think it may be for the same reason why I chose to make a fortress out of highlighters, rulers and scotch tape. But thanks for reading anyways, and I hope you found some joy in these funny little creatures. 

OuT Capitain El!
Me too, Squidward. Me too.

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