Monday, April 18, 2011

Shaun Of The Dead

I have a bookshelf in my bedroom. Amongst Michael Crichton Novels, Spanish & French Dictionaries, and a Muscle Machines Magazine featuring a Dodge Charger Daytona, I have a collection of movies. My favorite movies. My bookshelf contains, and is not limited to, Reservoir Dogs, King Kong, 4 Rooms, War Inc, The Pianist, etc. If someone asks to borrow one of these films, I get a bit defensive, and react a bit like this: 

They're my movies and no one is allowed to touch them...
If the topic is persisted and/or someone actually goes in there and takes one of these films without my permission, I behave similarly to this:

One of those films happens to be Shaun Of The Dead (2004). I love Shaun Of The Dead like a Fat Kid Loves Cake. 


 Shaun of the Dead, directed by Edgar Wright, stars Simon Pegg and Nic Frost as two zombie fighting BFFLs. Before we continue with this entry, I have to come clean with you guys and blurt out a truth that I can't quite manage to keep a secret... 

I think Simon Pegg is hot. 
Say whaaat??
That's right. I think Simon Pegg is hot. So whether you're shaking your head in dismay or nodding in agreement, you can more than likely count on him being crowned as a future "Sexy Saturday". Alright then, moving on now... 

So I love Movies. I Love Romance. And I love Zombies. When you mix the 3 together, something epic is born. This is what happened with Shaun Of The Dead. It's a romantic comedy- with Zombies. Or, a Zomedey. Or a Romzomedy. I don't even know what you'd call it. Whatever it is, it's amazing, and it's been crowned as one of my all time favesies.  

Edgar Wright has created this great style that he can purely call his own. The edgy, clever directing is a joy to watch (he also directed Hot Fuzz, and both films are very similar in style). Shaun Of The Dead seamlessly blends a cute, believable romance, hilarious characters, gore, and comedy. It just never gets old, and is a refreshing alternative to the typical Zombie horror Flick. And I suppose I should also mention that Bill Nighy was a clever addition as Shaun's condescending and unamused step father.       

Haters gonna hate!
I really don't have anything bad to say about this film. It's funny, well directed, well acted, and clever. If you're a zombie movie fan, then this may just be the film for you. Though of course if you're a zombie movie fan you've probably already seen this. Like 20 times. 

My Verdict? A must watch! Though this is classified as a Horror Film, I really didn't find it that scary. Though there was one particularly grueling scene where someone has his belly ripped open, and his entrails pulled out while crowd surfing on a Zombie Mob. Other than that, this move isn't very unsettling and the gore is kept at a minimum.

Shaun, when in doubt, ask yourself: What would professor toddles do?  

Mmmindeed. Remove the head or destroy the brain. Indubitably.

And unlike possibly every other zombie movie, there's actually a happy ending to this one. 

I'm liking the wild look in your eye, there, boy!
Looks like a Rammstein concert.

 El Capitain OUT!


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