Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sexy Saturday: Russell Crowe

Hello and Welcome to the Cinema Club's very first Sexy Saturday! Every Saturday, I hope to choose a particularly foxy actor, and put him up on a pedestal for well deserved ego stroking. And looks to me like our very first Sexy Saturday Nominee is: 
Russell Crowe
Does it get any better than this? Really?
  Russell Ira Crowe, born April 7th 1964 in New Zealand, started his career in acting at a young age in Australia. He appeared in some small roles in Australian TV series in the '70s and '80s. 
I never really used to be a huge Russell Crowe fan, but after seeing The Next Three Days (you can expect a full review of that film soon), my eyes were suddenly opened to the passion and soul this man can bring to the screen.

I shall make you weep with my profound performance.

Upon sitting on a couch at the University with some friends, I brought up Russell Crowe as a Sexy Saturday Nominee. After I made a case about his rugged sexiness, my friend blurted that Russell Crowe seems like the cool, rich, millionaire uncle everyone wants but doesn't have. Uncle Russell... it just rolls off the tongue. 

Let's plan lots of family BBQs. And invite cool Uncle Russell. To all of them.

Although this Oscar Winner is known for having a fiery temper (remember the infamous phone throwing incident in 2005....), he does a fair amount of charity work, donating his money for children, mostly. Personally, my favorite charity act was the $200,000 he donated to a school, to build a swimming pool so kids can learn proper water safety. (You can find a list of his other charities here). 

Thank you, Uncle Russell!

Rusty is an extremely talented actor that is especially good at making you pity, and/or cry for his character. This man has a direct wire to my tear ducts, and my soul usually ends up bleeding for him when something bad happens on screen. 

Exhibit A: Cinderella Man. I cried like a baby.
Exhibit B: Gladiator. I wept like a pathetic child.
Exhibit C: The Next Three Days. My soul bled. Profusely.
Mr. Crowe has also managed to russell up some other talents (Ha!) when he initiated his inner musician. That's right, kids. He's the lead singer and guitarist of the band Russell Crowe and the Oridnary Fear of God. [You can discover his music and vocal talents for yourself... He's not very good so please be nice.] [Link]

Damn friggin' straight I'm rockstar.

Russell Crowe is awesome, phone throwing and media bribing rumors aside. From now on, I will never hesitate to check out a Russell Crowe flick... he is a phenomenal character actor, and plays some very intriguingly adorable characters.  
Thus concludes our very first Sexy Saturday

El Capitain OUT!

Hugging a sick dog!? Best. We love you, Uncle Rusty.

Hey there, El Capitain. Thanks for the Sexy Saturday nomination! You're inviting me to a BBQ? Of course I'll be there.

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