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Bridge To Terabithia/ YOU'RE WELCOME, Annasophia Robb.

Hey, guys. So as we know there is a new flic coming out called Soul Surfer (2011) starring Miss Annasophia Robb. Since I don't get out to see movies often, I have to keep my blog up to date in creative ways. 

I get too excited over the snackbar and forget that I'm there to see a movie.
I figured it would be a good idea to do a review of an older movie called Bridge To Terabithia (2007) because it stars Josh Hutcherson and the new Starlet Annasophia Robb. 
I'm going to mention that I tend to be terrible at reviewing children's films (cough Hotel For Dogs cough). But I will make an honest effort to review Bridge to Terabithia (BTT) honestly and nicely. I promise I won't destroy it like I destroyed that "Butterflies" video. Ok, here we go... 

BTT is directed by Gabor Csupo (a very creepy looking dude that produced a bunch of children's cartoons). Though this film is in fact well directed and well put together, I'm really not sure what Country this movie takes place in... 
Off the top of my head I would like to say it takes place in the good old US of A, but the whole thing was filmed in New Zealand. To make it even more confusing, one of the characters, Jack Aarons, speaks with an American drawl (don't deny it Americans, most of you do in fact have a drawl).

Redneck FTW!
 The film is about a young boy named Jess Aarons, played by Josh Hutcherson. Jess' family is a bit too big and his parents are having some money problems. To put it simply, Jess is showing signs of depression at a young age. 

Life sucks when an ugly greasy kid sits behind you and breathes down your neck.
The similarities between this photo and the one above it make me LOL.
On the first day of school, a new kid is introduced to Jess' class. Her name is Leslie Burke, and she is played by Annasophia Robb. 

She's different just for the sake of being different! Uhg.
And what a goddamn hipster she threatens to be. 

                      Oh how I dislike the hipsters....
RIGHT I'm supposed to be nice in this review. Ok, ok. Err. Right. So Annasophia's character, though odd as she is, is actually quite cute. She's a genuine little thing with an incredible imagination. And that, my friends, is how this story gets started. Jess and Leslie become friends and together they create an imaginary world together. 

BFFs <3
I'd like to mention that I really like how children were children in this movie. That's right. 11 year old kids were acting like 11 year old kids are supposed to. Playing outside, using their imaginations, and just being themselves. Nowadays, children like to pretend that they're adults, and you and I both know that if two 11 year olds in the year 2011 ran off to the forest together, they would try to be all adult-like and experiment with messing around. Which is absolutely dumb because children know nothing on those matters. 

I've lost faith in the children of the 21st century.
So KUDOS to the writers, who kept the friendship between Jess and Leslie completely non sexual and incredibly honest and adorable. I like that kind of wholesomeness. 

Wholesomeness? wow I'm such a nerd.
I should also mention an important detail. Zooey Deschanel (AKA Katy Perry's identical twin) is also in BTT.  She plays the gorgeous music teacher, Ms Edmunds, who Jess has a bit of a crush on.
I sense yet another hipster...
Now here's the thing about Zooey Deschanel: after seeing here in one or two movies, you think she's a good, genuine actress. But the thing is... she always plays the same damn character! Always! She's so lame. She always plays the same easy going, cool chick hipster like character. And it's boring. So yeah, whatever Zooey. Let us know when you branch out a little and actually start acting. And how the hell do we pronounce your name, anyways? Zooie? Zoe? Wtf?  

Lucky for us, Jess has a little sister named May Belle (played by Bailee Madison) and she is so cute it's almost disgusting. Almost.

See what I mean? Cute, right?
Bailee provides the acting talent Zoooooeeeyyy-whats-her-face-Deschanel only wishes she had. Her character is adorable, and though a bit spoiled, very genuine and sweet. She loves her big brother to death, and here at the Cinema Club, we like it when big brothers take care of their little sisters. 
I wuv my big brother!
Right, so let's talk a bit about Josh Hutcherson. His performance in BTT is, in my opinion, his best. It was a major development from his performances in movies like Journey to the Center of the Earth (2008), and Zathura (2005). He packed an emotional punch, and really nestled into his character. KUDOS! 
A for Adorable!
So we all know that Hutchy here made a cute kid. But do ya wanna see what he looks like all grown up? 

Of course you do. 

He turned out nicely.
I am pleased with this result. And since we know Hutcherson can act, we can expect many more movies out of him. Which I suppose is fine, considering some of my all time favesies are getting ...sniff... old, and are unable to play those rambunctious roles they used to. 
Now I suppose it would be prudent to talk about Annasophia Robb, since of course she's the one with the new movie coming out. Her acting in BTT was good, and her character was really cute. So I really don't have any complaints. And just like Hutchy up there, she too has turned into quite the looker. 

She and Hutchy should date. They'd be a cute couple.
Actually, the more I think about it, the more I want Annasophia and Josh to go out... how awesome would that be!? 

So cute!
The friendship they conveyed on screen was really solid and believable. 
Of course this movie isn't all sunshine and rainbows. Something bad happens, and the film takes a rather unfortunate turn. It actually gets really sad, and many people agree that this film turns out to be quite the tear jerker. 

All in all, I'm not going to run around saying things like "Lalalala Bridge to Terabithia is an amaaaazing movie and everyone should watch it lalaalalala!". But I am going to say that it is a cute film, despite its cheesiness. The acting is surprisingly good, and if you watch this movie with a serious attitude, it can prove to be rather emotional.  

Warning: Video below is a bit of a spoiler (and the quality is quite unfortunate).

El Capitain OUT!

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