Thursday, March 24, 2011


The Cinema Club reviews movies. But upon seeing one particular music video on youtube, I couldn't resist posting an entry on something non-movie related. 
This music video was jam-packed with so much fail that I very nearly ROFL'ed. I looked a bit like this: 

  So the video I am about to show you is called "Butterflies". I stumbled upon the link on youtube, after wiping the blood off my ears after hearing Rebeca Black's Fail-Bomb of a song "Friday."  Butterflies pretty much stars a prepubescent girl on her quest to snag the boy of her dreams. He gives her butterflies. I'll let you watch for yourself: 

 HOLY AUTO-TUNE, BATMAN! I mean, is this for real? Is this seriously on iTunes? Who snorted so much coke that they thought it was OK to produce this? 

I suppose the part of this video that amused me the most, was the fact that it was a pack of 12 year olds experiencing some sort of "You stole my man!" Soap Opera melodrama. Not to mention these children are air-brushed and dressed to look like young adults. 

My exuberant laughter began when we first saw Miss Alana's crush... the short, pale, and not-so handsome boy sitting a few seats up. 

I think my balls just dropped.

Now don't get me wrong, butterflies are great... but here's the harsh reality of things... THIS:
  Does not happen.  Boys will not sit around after school with you, drawing butterflies. Especially when a prepubescent blonde babe in a bikini wants him to come over so they can drink virgin Pina-Coladas and talk about how awesome iCarly is.
Sweet, I sure hope they have virgin Strawberry Daqueries! Preferably with paper umbrellas.
GASP! Hand holding!? That's practically second base!
Is it just me, or was this entire video filmed with an intense soft focus? Also, who the hell is that failure rapper doing the Rap-bit on the white board? Flo-Rida's retarded cousin? And I would just really like to point out how insanely creepy that teacher is when Miss. Alana sings her grand confession in front of the class....
I approve...
 I personally get a kick out of that nine year old that just nodded all solemnly during the confession bit.
This is correct.
I know for a fact that back in high school, if I were to have stood up in front of the class and belted out to my crush "You give me butterflies!" Not only would my teacher tell me to shut up and sit down, but no one would nod, and the guy would most likely die of embarrassment. 
Outburst + Appropriate male reaction
  All in all... I thought that Butterflies was hilarious and good for a nice laugh, but in reality, it's probably best that kids are watching that, rather than Ke$ha.

I puke glitter
  El Capitain OUT!

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  1. Seriously, best entry yet. I lol'd!