Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sexy Saturday: Jason Statham

Since I missed 2 Sexy Saturdays in a ROW, and since the last Sexy Saturday wasn't much of a hit... at all... I feel like I need to make it up to you. So today, dear readers, I bring to you a man who could beat all of our previous Sexy Saturdays together in a fight. Today, I bring to you... 

Jason Statham!

Jason Statham may just be as close to perfect as an individual could get. I think it's a crying shame that he has no hair... That might just be his only flaw.

Statham and Willis should make a club. AFBB: Association for Balding Bad-asses.
If you're not yet convinced on Statham's Awesomeness, allow me to continue...
I think I can speak for a number of women (and men!!!) when I say that a man that can handle a car is instantly smoking hot. I think it's hot when a guy drives standard and has the ability to drift his vehicle and handle it like a pro. 

Extraordinary Drifters make my heart go pitter-pat.
 Well kids, I have news for you: Jason Statham happens to have a passion for driving. And yes, he can in fact handle his car like a champ. 

So what is this 43 year old Derbyshire native doing when he's not driving, you may ask? He's probably practicing MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) or working out.  

Fun Fact: When he's not making movies or working out or driving or fighting, he's probably diving. That's right. He was on The British National Diving Team. In the Olympics. 

I won't judge.
 Statham's filmography includes a few well known numbers, such as Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels (1998), Snatch (2000), The Transporter Movies, The Italian Job (2003), Cellular (2004), Crank (2006),  and The Expendables (2010). You can also catch him in the new animated film, Gnomeo & Juliet (2011) where he does the voice of Tybalt.

Tybalt always was the best.
Though I do enjoy quality films like Snatch and Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels, I really enjoyed Statham in the poorly done transporter films. And don't deny it, guys. You know, deep in your heart, that the Transporter was poorly done. It would seem that Director Louis Leterrier paid no attention to detail. The movie was filled with flaws and discontinuities. But nevertheless, it was pretty darn hot. I especially LOVE the scene where Statham gets all oiled up in a shirtless fight versus a number of opponents:
And in the 3d movie... well, I'll just let you watch for yourselves...  

But Statham here isn't all just muscle and sex. He's actually got quite a cute smile.
Squinty eyes.
And damn does he ever look good in a suit... 

You know you wish you were her. Don't even try denying  it.
If he had hair he might stand a chance as James Bond.
Here at the Cinema Club, we like men who can drive. We like men who look good in suits. We like men that can get oiled up in a fist fight and still look hot while doing a strip tease. So here at the Cinema Club, we really like Jason Statham.

El Capitain OUT!

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