Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The King's Speech

Some movies are exhilarating, fast paced, and sexy:
Blood, sex, drugs, money and Samuel Jackson.
Others are not.
The King's Speech (2010) is one of those not-so-exciting movies.
But that's OK. 

Whatcha gunna do? Not all movies can be nail biters.
In all seriousness though, The King's Speech (directed by Tom Hooper) was a touching and heartfelt film. Starring Colin Firth as King George VI, the king of Britain with a speech impediment. The film also starred Geoffry Rush, Helena Bonham Carter and Guy Pierce. 

Tom Hooper actually won best director for his film at the Oscars, and Colin Firth won the Best Actor award. Yaaaay! :)

"I have a feeling my career just peaked"
So the King's Speech is about King George VI, who has a speech impediment. He basically has issues spitting out his words, and stammers like Crazy. It was rather frustrating at times. Needless to say, Colin Firth's performance was very good. He did an impressive job immersing in his role.

Now, if you're sitting here contemplating watching this film because you heard that Colin Firth was nominated for the sexiest man alive at one point, I advise you to stop right in your tracks. 

Dear Mr. Firth really isn't much of a sex-bucket (I just invented my own term. Sex Bucket. Hmmm). 

There isn't any of this. So stop while you're ahead.

But if you are in fact a mature individual who enjoys quality cinematography, a good soundtrack, wonderful set design, great acting, and an inspiring story, by all means proceed to blockbuster to rent this one.

The story follows King George (AKA Bertie) and his Speech Therapist, Lionel. We learn early on that Bertie has quite the temper, though he proves to be a loving father and an honest husband. He's a likable, responsible character. We learn, as the friendship between Bertie and Lionel evolves, that Bertie has had a rather unfortunate past. Although Firth doesn't have the tortured soul technique down like our favorite Cool Uncle Rusty, he does a pretty good job of making our hearts go out to him. Cute!

I like you.
I will admit, the film was a bit slow moving, but I found it to be entertaining the whole way through. Though there was nothing really exciting about this movie, it was touching and sweet. Watching Colin Firth's character go against the thing that's holding him back, watching him struggle with every fiber of his being, was extremely moving. Though I didn't cry in this film like my Auntie said she did, I was guilty of doing that girly Aww that's so cute face. yah, you know the one: 

Something like this only less Asian and more emotional.
The movie was very powerful, because this individual that struggles ever so much with public speaking had to deliver a number of speeches. After succeeding the throne, poor Bertie has a complete breakdown, literally crying. He was incredibly worried that he wouldn't be a good king. And that, my friends, is what made him such an excellent leader. I love Bertie as a character, he seemed like an amazing man. With WWII looming over his shoulders, this timid and unsure man had to really step up and show the world what he's made of. He proved to everyone that he does in fact have a voice. So touching :)

Though this movie isn't all serious. There were a number of comical scenes, one of which is where the usually reserved Bertie jumps around the room, dropping a number of swears. I laughed out loud and mentally documented that scene as one of my favorite movies scenes ever. 

Ok maybe Colin Firth is sexy. But just a little. And the accent helps.

Though it still remains, my favorite scene is where he cries. I don't know what it is, but whenever I see a man cry onscreen, some deep emotional chords within me are struck, and I instantly bond to their character.  

Poor Muffin :(

OH! I would also like to mention that one of the coolest dudes in history had a place in Hooper's movie. Sir Winston Churchill! YAY! 
Timothy Spall (Yes, Peter Pettigrew from Harry Potter) did a rather good impersonation of that cool guy. I will share with you guys a piece of my nutty side. All I could think about during all of Spall's screen time, was: Gee! If I were there I would follow him around and probably try to force a friendship
Ok maybe that's a lot weirder than I originally thought.

Anyways, I would most definitely recommend The King's Speech. All in all it was a touching and inspiring film, and anyone that appreciates a really well done movie will enjoy this.

El Capitain OUT!

A really good man.

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  1. Sex bucket :P I'll definitely have to give The King's Speech a chance!