Sunday, March 20, 2011

Well that's dumb.

There are a lot of bad movies out there. You know, those films that seem to insult your intelligence and make you wonder: Who the hell agreed to make this? Yes, those films. We've racked up a few over the years, the list including (in my humble opinion): Caveman (1981, directed by Carl Gottlieb), Short Circuit (1986, directed by John Badham), Phil the Alien (2004, directed by Rob Stefaniuk), and The Pink Panther (2006, directed by Shawn Levy)...just to name a few. 
Upon seeing the trailer for Sucker Punch, all I could really say was: "Well that looks dumb." 
If you ask a guy what he thinks about Sucker Punch, he'll just chuckle awkwardly while trying to hide the tent in his pants. 

...really, guys? Really?...

Not only does the entire movie look green-screened, but the acting looks atrocious and the costumes look like they came  from the clearance rack of a sex store. 
Home for the mentally insane... or brothel!?!?
When I saw that Sucker Punch was rated PG-13 my jaw kinda hit the floor. Speaking of 13, Emily Browning does not look like she was born in '88. 

Jail bait?

I suppose there are things in life we will never understand. For some people, it may be calculus. For others, it may be Shakespeare. For me, it's why someone would spend 85 million dollars on a bunch of girls running around in lingerie.

So will I spend $12.50 to see this in theaters? 
Absolutely not.
Will I hear about it from all my guy friends? 
Most likely.

El Capitain OUT!

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