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Today, I would like to introduce you to my love for The Second World War. The movie I am going to review today is Defiance (2008). Defiance is directed by Edward Zwick, and stars Daniel Craig, Liev Schreiber and Jamie Bell as three Jewish brothers, caught in Nazi Occupied Poland and Belorussia.
The dark mood for the movie is set right off the bat. Jamie Bell, who plays Asael Bielski, delivers a bit of a punch with his tear-jerking performance. 
I shall make you WEEP with my cuteness
I'm not a really big crier in movies... but when the men cry, I can't help but cry too. So when Asael Bielski started the film with a weepathon, I knew this movie wouldn't be a particularly joyful one. The story follows the four Bielski brothers, as they flee into the forests of Belorussia to escape from the Nazis. Along the way, they start picking up other Jews who had the same idea. As winter approaches, Tuvia (Daniel Craig) and Zus (Liev Schreiber), the older Bielski brothers, realize that feeding and sheltering the refugees with be an incredibly difficult task. 
Defiance is an emotionally draining film, as the actors did a good job making it clear to the audience that their characters were suffering a great deal. 
Brotherly love
 I'll admit that I found the winter scenes to be particularly unsettling, especially as the constantly growing group begins to starve, and Typhus takes hold.  People begin to fight, and much like Lord Of The Flies, men start to fight for dominance. If you throw the Soviets into the mix right when the Sibling Rivalry gets at its worse, you have a grueling story ready to take place.
'Tis a wee bit chilly outside...
Though this movie does have some romantic bits, it's never really a happy romance. 
My Response to this? (See Below)

Especially for a lonely soul like me. Because I have a mini crush on Jamie Bell. And for some reason this relationship just irked me. A lot. 
Naaahhh, I joke. I thought it was cute. It was bound to happen. And they were all awkward and adorable and Jamie Bell reminded me of me. 


But in all seriousness, in a movie like this, tender sweet moments are a total relief, because it was depressing and sad, and it sure as hell made me wish that somehow there would be a happy ending. 
All in all, I would say that Defiance was a decent movie. Although it is not uplifting and happy, and warm moments are few and far between, I found it to be a good, well directed film that made me feel very thankful to be safe and warm in my home with my family.  Like most WWII movies, it had a downcast, chilly, grey feel to it.
So, if you're a WWII buff, I'd say to go check this out. It is based on a true story, and is really a window into the suffering that these poor people went through.  


El Capitain OUT!
You can view the trailer here.

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