Saturday, December 31, 2011

This is why I love Tim Roth

Ok, readers. I know what you're thinking: two posts in one night! Well we all know you blog to procrastinate so you must have something important to do. What is it you're avoiding doing now, Captain? Well readers, here's the truth. I have to get up early tomorrow. I'm going skiing with my "Brothers from another mother" (<------- anti-swag). I'm not ready to hit the hay just yet, though, and I think I want to end the year 2011 with a post about one of my very favorite actors, Sexy Saturday Alumnus Tim Roth

For those of you who are not familiar with this super talented actor, allow me to fill you in on who he is. Tim Roth is a British actor that does lots of movies about people that lived in the time-era where powdered wigs were cool. 

yeah buddy.
You may have seen him in Rob Roy, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead, or the (once popular) TV show Lie to Me. He was also in Pulp Fiction, and my very favorite movie Reservoir Dogs. I'll do everyone a favor and put a face to the name: 

So obviously I much adore this actor for his talent, his looks (*drool*), and his apparent swagger. But recently I joined the Twitter, and naturally he was one of the first people I chose to follow. I was pleasantly surprised to find that he is extremely friendly, engaging, and just 100% AWESOME to his fans! Not only does he share regular "Nighty-night" tweets (Swoon), but he also posts pictures of his pets and himself. 99% Huggage from Tim Roth? Yes Please. 
It actually just occurs to me that loads of celebrities probably do this... I mostly just follow the NHL and my favorite hockey players so I wouldn't really know. But as far as I'm concerned, Tim Roth is awesome and the fact that he loves his fans makes him that much cooler. 

He has a cat named Sid. This man is adorable.

So I suppose this post has been a celebration of Rothiness. And so it goes. :) 

El Capitain out! 



Friday, December 30, 2011


Lately I've been thinking about things that I actually love. I'll make a sample list. 

Things that El Capitain Actually LOVES.

  1. My Sweatpants. 
  2. My Horse.
  3. My Family. 
  4. My Hockey Team. 
  5. My (best) Friends. 
  6. Last August. 
  7. Adventures. 
  8. Perfume. 
  9. Romance Sleeping.
  10. Movies.      

Which movies make it onto the 'Love' list? Reservoir Dogs, King Kong, Inglourious Basterds, to name a few.
Well this year for Christmas my mother gave my dad the movie Hanna as a gift. And let me tell you, this movie actually might have a spot on that list of movie-love.

As a matter of fact, the more I think about this movie, the more I like it and the more I want to see it again. In my humble opinion, this movie was fabulously directed, the cinematography was out-of-this-world gorgeous, and the soundtrack was haunting and suiting. 

  As a short summary, this movie is about a young girl named Hanna who is raised in isolation by her father. Every day of Hanna's life is training, and by the time she is 14 years old, Hanna is a killing machine; nimble, strong, fast, and smart.

Since I encourage everybody that is reading this review to go and watch this movie, I refuse to give out even the slightest spoilers. But take it from me, Hanna is a bit like the Bourne movies with a twist. 

Part of the film's shock value comes from the character Hanna herself. Hanna is a beautiful fourteen year old girl with the face of innocence. It is shocking at the beginning of the film to find a blue-eyed girl standing over a dying Caribou and saying "I missed your heart".

Hanna redefines tough-girl, and her journey across Europe is stunningly beautiful and an absolute joy to watch. This film is a glorious mix of action, stellar beauty, intrigue, and contains an enjoyable soundtrack by the Chemical Brothers. 

Cordoba, Spain. I've been there! Though I do not recall a German in a yellow track suit sitting on the hood of a car.

Might I also add, This film also stars Eric Bana. Who we all know is very cute

I believe the appropriate girly caption for this photo would be "adorbs" or something like that.

I suppose the only sort of "flaw" this movie has is the some-what weak storyline. But I don't think anyone will be picking the simple story apart because they're too busy admiring how well this film was put together. 

I believe this is why we all envy blondes.
Yesterday I was crying over a sore heart. I endured an emotional sucker punch and I haven't been handling it very well. My father said to me that I need to have a little more Hanna in me. I suppose he's right, maybe I should. Maybe we all should. 

I missed your heart.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Finals have RUINED me!

Readers, I have come to a realization...

My Blog is smut.


Yes, really. 

I can't even remember the last time I talked about movies. Lately there have just been a whole bunch of posts like this:

Look at me, I'm Ryan Gosling! I'm adorable and the object of your sexual fantasies! CHECK IT OUT I'm in a bathtub!

I know most of you aren't complaining, but really this is quite ridiculous and I'm sure I've driven all my male readers away.

I'm sorry! Please come back! D:

To make matters even worse, I forgot to wish everyone a happy Thanks Giving! 

I really need to pull my act together.

But the truth is I am a Unavertute Universety University Student, and I am supposed to be studying for finals... But in reality I'm just dying a slow and painful death surrounded by textbooks and scrap paper. I've forgotten what it's like to sleep. 
So I'll tell you what. After Finals are done, perhaps sometime in the New Year, I shall return and bring you all posts about Movies. With of course weekly Sexy Saturdays. And sometimes those super hot "Cure for the Mondays" posts. 


Christoph Waltz approves.